Having Your Own Special Go to Space 

I think I am very lucky that these iconic cliffs (The Seven Sisters) are on my doorstep.

These cliffs, the beach and the sea are all very high up on my favourite places. A space where I can go, when I just want time to simply breathe and clear my head.

When I feel myself spiralling out of control, or a slump in my mood. I have always found that the sea and beach are my refuge.

I feel that expanse, and how it makes me feel small in comparison, reduces the feeling of overwhelm and chatter in my head. 

Create Your Own Safe Space

I appreciate that if you live in a town and not near the sea, you may not have considered what is available to you. But take a look around in your vicinity, somewhere with trees maybe or a view that you love.

Maybe take a notebook and write down some thoughts and feelings that you would rather leave behind when you leave your chosen space. Choose somewhere you feel safe too and keep it for those times when you need some breathing space. 

These spaces can also be used as somewhere you can experience a ritual.  Rituals have been used for hundreds of years. The common ones we all know I guess are Weddings and Funerals. But there may-be something you are carrying around with you, which you really need to let go of.

So maybe writing down what that something is and then tearing it up and placing it in a bin, could help you. I know I personally had something weighing me down, following a divorce earlier in my life. This was a time when I went down to the beach and privately carried out a ritual.

Special Place at Home

Finding your special place can be very comforting. Home, as we know, is usually a space where we would feel the most comfortable. Yet, finding somewhere outside of that environment can be very liberating too. If you really cannot find a place outdoors, you can create a quiet corner in a room in your home.

Maybe place some special objects that mean a lot to you. Add some plants too – to bring the outside indoors. 

Taking the time to create your special space can help you be creative. You’ll discover that doing something for yourself is not selfish. And instead, that it can be very helpful in addressing your Wellbeing.

If I have learnt anything along the way. It would be that if we spend all our time attending to others needs. Not feeling that we deserve the time taken to ensure we live the best, healthiest, and rewarding lives possible. We are selling ourselves short so to speak.

So, if you are reading this and I have encouraged you to go in search of your Special Place I will have achieved my aim with this post.

Please feel free to share with me HERE your successes in creating or finding your space – I would love to hear from you.

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About Angela Winbolt - Serenity Cabin

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Angela Winbolt here. I am a Wellbeing Therapist and I offer 3 treatments in my cabin in my garden here in Seaford - East Sussex.
I went back to college at 50 and took a Beauty Therapy course. I started to offer the full range of treatments, but very shortly realised my passion and my skill was in any treatment that involved massage.
So I kept the facials and took courses in Indian Head Massage and Thai Foot Massage, so I could offer these 3 treatments to aid de-stressing and experience the full relaxation repose.
I have built a steady client base. During the Pandemic and Lockdown I recorded some on-line self massage and relaxation videos to help my clients fill the gap whilst my cabin had to remain closed.
On discovering The Wellbeing Umbrella I have also thought that I could make some of these available through the store so I can reach people outside my caption area.
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