Access Bars® – beating stress, anxiety, mind chatter and limiting beliefs

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£45.00 90 minutes

Do your ‘feelings’ rule your life?

Do you feel you suffer from anxiety, low energy, depression, or poor sleep?

Does this affect your relationships,
work, and the choices you make in life?

Then you are in the right place.

What is Access Bars Therapy?

Access Bars Therapy is a powerful, hands on, energy therapy which works by touching 32 points (Bars) on the head. When lightly touched all the negative thoughts, feelings and emotions associated with the points dissipate, a bit like pressing the DELETE button on your computer and removing everything that is limiting your life!

Leaving you with a sense of ease, space, relaxation, and calm.

You can then begin to peel away all the beliefs that you have been conditioned with over time, so that you can find what is true for you.

Our choices created our past, and now you can have the space to create new choices for your future.

Who will benefit from Access Bars Therapy?

Access Bars therapy can help anyone who knows there are more possibilities for their life …

It can help to:

  • clear mind chatter…
  • defeat anxiety, stress, depression…
  • improve relationships, body issues, ageing limitations, money situations…
  • increase sleep quality, creativity, happiness…
  • embrace your difference and be proud of who you are!

At worst, a 90-minute Access Bars therapy session is an opportunity to lie back and relax while experiencing a very gentle energy process.

At best, Access Bars therapy could release you from the negative self-talk and beliefs you’ve held about yourself for years – and then the possibilities are endless!

My experience with Access Bars®

I remember when I got off the table after my first Bars treatment I felt like a completely different woman. My monkey mind was finally silent, my mind was clear and I felt a sense of peace and space I had never felt before. The anxiety and self judgement I felt before the session was a distant memory, and I was more relaxed than I could ever remember being.

I felt light with a sense of who I truly be, the choices I could now make to access more ease, experience more joy and create a greater life. I’d never acknowledged or experienced anything like it before. It simply changed my life.

At worst it’ll feel like a great head massage;

at best your whole life will change”.

-Gary Douglas, Founder of Access Bars®

I wonder what and Access Bars session could change for you?

After treatments with Maureen I feel like I have let go of a heavy weight I didn’t know I was carrying. I leave feeling relaxed, lighter, as if I can breathe more freely. I find Maureen kind, insightful and she often has the right words to help me.

Jayne T

I have had a few sessions of Access Bars with Maureen and found it really helpful. She works professionally and intuitively and has in depth knowledge and experience in her field. I found the sessions deeply relaxing and they have brought some powerful change in me, so I am a much happier person than when I started. Highly recommended.

Pippa A

About Maureen Wycherley

Born in NZ, I'm an inquisitive traveller through life. I search, I ask lots of questions, I’m forever unfolding and growing. With the tools of Reiki and Access Bars I’m committed to helping others find their ‘happy’ and learning to really create their life. My friends describe me as inspirational, loving, potent and nurturing and that’s what I bring to all my treatments and clients.

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    2 reviews for Access Bars® – beating stress, anxiety, mind chatter and limiting beliefs

    1. Natalie Best (verified owner)

    2. Sally (verified owner)

      Utterly wonderful & cannot recommend Maureen enough.
      I smiled for 2 days afterwards & the peace & calm within is still with me 10 days on. Booked another 3 & can’t wait to return. THANK YOU! 💫 👌

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