Woo’ing Crystals Out of Your Bra

Woo’ing crystals out of your bra, where to start. How about here . . .


That’s how many of us are wearing the wrong size bra, according to a survey of over 42,000 women carried out in 2021 by a UK lingerie company. We often pop things in our bras for safe-keeping and we really shouldn’t. Yes, and that unfortunately includes crystals!

If you’ve got room to put gem stones in your bra, you’re probably wearing the wrong size bra. And if that’s the case lets be honest you need to get properly fitted. In doing so, you’ll naturally get the best support, ensuring you don’t get a range of problems such as back and neck pain.

But how can we actually woo these energetic rocks out of our bras and still get the benefit? Here I share with you my top 5 ways to bring crystals into your everyday life.

1. Pop Crystals in Your Pocket or Use as A Keyring or Bag Charm

Crystals in Your Pocket or Use as A Keyring or Bag Charm
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One of the simplest ways to keep crystals close to you is by popping them in your pocket or using them as a keyring or bag charm. Worry/thumb stones, which have a little dent in them, are perfect for this purpose and also stimulate the mini chakra in your thumb.

2. Wearable Therapy

Why not wear your crystals as a fashion statement? Bracelets, earrings, rings or necklaces made with your chosen gem stone can be a great way to benefit from their healing. Try pairing crystals together so they amplify the effects, clear quartz is great for this.

If you use essential oils, then lava beads included in your jewellery make great mini diffusers without damaging your crystals. Try combinations such as orange and citrine.

3. Crystal Elixirs/Water

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Crystal elixirs, or crystal-infused water is a great way to incorporate crystals into your daily routine and make sure you are keeping hydrated. Using the crystals to charge water allows you to ingest those healing vibes. However, a word of caution: not all crystals are suitable for direct contact with water.

Any good crystal reference book will tell you which are safe. If you are ever not sure use the indirect method to charge your water with the vibrations from the crystals. Using purpose-made water bottles can be a convenient way to keep track of your water intake while enjoying the benefits of crystals.

4. Journaling

This practice has been proven to be an effective tool for self-reflection and personal growth. But did you know that crystals can enhance your journaling experience? You don’t need a fancy journal with elaborate designs—just grab an old exercise book and start writing.

You can journal regularly in response to specific prompts and affirmations, allowing the crystals to inspire and guide your thoughts. Alternatively, if you’re feeling anxious, try scribbling down your thoughts and worries on a piece of paper, and then ceremoniously destroy it, visualizing your anxieties dissipating. Having crystals nearby or even using them as a focal point during your journaling session can intensify the experience.

5. Use Crystals Around Your Home

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Placing crystals strategically around your home can create a harmonious and positive environment for everyone. Consider having small tumble stones discreetly placed or treat yourself to some larger, statement pieces. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

A selenite bowl or plate in the bedroom can serve as a charging station for your jewellery, while infusing the space with gentle and calming vibes during your sleep.

To attract abundance, place a chunk of citrine in the money corner of your home. In Feng Shui, this is the far-left corner from your front entrance.

Combat the negative effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) emitted by electrical devices by adding a Himalayan Salt Lamp near your TV and other electronic gadgets. The salt lamp acts as a natural air purifier, absorbing those not-so-nice EMFs. Join other crystal lovers receiving notifications when I publish a new blog article, access to exclusive discounts and a free guide to cleansing and charging your crystals join my email membership today.

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