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Welcome fellow U.K. wellbeing business owners and solo wellness professionals to Wellbeing Umbrella. . . . 

Wellbeing Umbrella is a growing wellness movement that brings likeminded wellbeing business folk together to collectively increase awareness and accessibility to the variety of health and wellness options available. 


Now more than ever there is a huge rise in people needing and looking for extra support with their mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

When it comes to health and wellbeing, we believe that no one-size-fits all and that everyone deserves support that best suits them.

However, the reality is . . .

Despite there being an amazing variety of wellness treatments and options available (including yours), most everyday people don’t know what exists to even start finding it!

We know what you offer can greatly help others.

Sadly, your efforts and the efforts of other small wellbeing businesses, reaching out to those looking to benefit from support tend to be hampered by some of the following . . .

  • Limited marketing budgets
  • The shortage of time to market and run a business
  • The lack of a central place to be found – making search efforts feeble and challenging
  • The restriction of organic reach and censorship of health information on social media
  • Self-doubt and limited business expertise – you came into business to help people not become a marketing guru!
  • Financial barriers experienced by some customers

We are ready for positive change, are you?

All you need is to be a U.K based small wellbeing business and have valid business insurance.


Sell your wellbeing services, products and promote your events


Rather than marketing separately, here at Wellbeing Umbrella we’re all about supporting each other. This means bringing the small wellbeing business community together by combining effort, marketing expenses and audience reach to enhance exposure.

From one convenient online space, our wellbeing platform markets yours and other likeminded wellbeing business folk’s services, products and resources to achieve the common goal of improving people’s choice and access to wellness support.

We use our members contributions to fund the collective marketing of all thing’s wellbeing on the site, raise awareness around the wealth of wellness options available and support you to move your business forward and reach the people who need you.


Although we’re super proud of our platform, Wellbeing Umbrella is so much more than just that.

Our mission is to increase the awareness and accessibility of the varied wellbeing treatments and solutions on offer to people within the U.K., whilst raising funds for those less able to access them.

Our charity partner(s) use the funds we raise to help their users purchase much needed wellness support and resources from those on the Wellbeing Umbrella site (from small businesses such as yours) or local community. We are currently supporting people rising positively from hardship, including poverty, exclusion and/or violence.  

If you’re the type of person, with the wellbeing of the public in mind, who is willing to support others in the sector for the betterment of not just your own business, but theirs and the wellbeing community too you’ll fit in nicely!


In the wellness industry, dedication and continuous promotion are key to success. We get the challenges you’re up against and want to remove any financial obstacles.

Introducing our Pay What Feels Right Donation membership. We’re on a mission to spread awareness about the amazing wellness solutions in our community, ensuring they’re accessible to everyone. No need for expensive upfront fees.

Your donation goes a long way in supporting our site and the time we invest in promoting your business. We’re all about empowering your journey, so give what you can (no offense taken) and feel free to adjust it as you thrive.

Your success fuels our mission and together, we’ll make wellness accessible to all.



Your very own unique space on our all-in-one-wellbeing platform to promote & securely sell all things wellbeing, including your appointments, classes, products, events, downloads etc.

Your own wellbeing store
  • Create and manage wellness listings – promote all things wellbeing*
  • Professionally take orders, bookings, and payments with ease 24/7
  • Create your own articles and attach videos – attract new audiences
  • Customise your own store and about page – to suit your brand and vision
  • Manage your own appointment and class booking calendar – includes ability to conveniently add manual bookings, cancel and reschedule
  • Automated appointment and class email reminder – to reduce pesky no shows
  • Professional membership recognition badge and search – provide customers with the extra peace of mind they might need**
  • Marketplace tools – coupon management, stock management, linked products (upselling and cross-selling tools), automotive reviews, visitor stats and reports
  • Unique store URL link – use as your own website store and simply direct customers straight to what you offer
  • Gain full sale – 0% listing and 0% selling fee – straight into your account!***
  • Simple step-by-step setup & easy to use store dashboard
  • And much more!

Just by sharing your offerings on our site you’re supporting the collective mission to reach more people and increase awareness of the variety of wellness options.

*Goods belonging to franchise business brands, multi-level-marketing brands and/or network marketing brands are unfortunately, not permitted on the site.

**Subject to proof of active professional membership credentials & approval by Wellbeing Umbrella Ltd. ***Card payment processing fees apply via Stripe


You and your wellness support are important and paramount to our mission, that’s why we’ve made your store and any listings and blogs you create easily found 24/7 by browsing customers via our collective ‘wellness listings‘ page, ‘browse a provider‘ page, and ‘blog‘ page, accessible from anywhere on the site.

Search the wellbeing marketplace directory


Use our collection of wellness categories on your store listings to increase your opportunity to get found by the right people.

Wellness Categories cover practices, therapies and/or the outcomes your listing aims to help with e.g., stress relief, anxiety reduction, happiness, pain relief, healthy lifestyle, smoke free etc.

One tap of a finger or mouse and you’re gratefully found in our menus and filters by someone who didn’t even know that what you do could help them!


Getting the word out about the variety of wellness options on offer can be achieved effectively when we join forces as a small wellbeing business community and spread the word together!

That’s why we run collaborative

  • Online wellness events – speaker opportunities*
  • Pre-recorded wellness video event opportunities*
  • Guest blog opportunities
  • And more

The bonus for you is that it’s a further way to market and promote your business, while helping us raise funds for our charity partners!

*Subject to availability and where specified additional cost/donation

wellbeing business collaborative opportunities
wellbeing business support centre


Business knowledge is the glue that ensures your set up and all you do to attract the people who need you is done to its full potential.

Let’s be honest it’s pointless working collaboratively to get yourself in front of new people, but not have done all that you might need to receive the best possible outcomes.

That’s why we’ve collaborated with business experts from different arenas to provide bite size training and offer on-board support to ensure you reach the people who need you most


  • Training & Courses – including
  • How To Write Sales Copy So That Customers Recognise the Benefits Of What You’re Selling Course (30 mins) – worth £39*
  • Online SEO Blog Writing Course (40 mins) – Worth £29*
  • The Benefits of Blogging – Training
  • Creating Listings Which Get Found by Those Who Need You (on page SEO) – Training
  • How To Gain The Most Visually From Your Marketplace Listings – Training
  • How To Make the Most Out Of A Speaking Slot, So That Your Audience Takes The Next Step – Training
  • On board support – including informative daily (28 days) on onboard email support and a good listing and on page SEO guide to ensure you’ve ticked off all you need to set up on our site and effectively reach the right audience
  • Listing Templates – use our pre-filled template listings to get your wellness appointments, products, events etc., up, and running quickly
  • Supportive Help Centre – guidance and video tutorials to get you easily up and running, even if you’re a technophobe!
  • Store Seller Facebook community group – connect further with likeminded wellbeing businesses and solo wellness professionals

*Subject to selected membership packages

Like us, you came into the wellbeing sector to make a sincere difference in the lives of others. Let’s all work together collectively to achieve this mutual goal and reach the people who need you, and others most.

The Wellbeing Umbrella platform currently promotes and sells to people in the United Kingdom only.

Hear It From Our Store Sellers Themselves . . .

“It’s easy to navigate and intuitive in moving around. The simplicity of getting up and running with it was a major benefit to me. Also being able to manage my own listings, photos etc meant that it would be quick and easy to update things myself.

I think it offers excellent value for money and is especially suited to those starting out who maybe haven’t got the budget for websites etc. It offers more than other directories I’m part of too, with less investment!.”

~ Amie Crews
Amie Crews Coach

“Your emphasis on providing a marketplace for all manner of wellbeing services is so important right now, and I think it will be hugely successful.

The manner in which you do it too, with such professionalism, gives me confidence in your offering, and most importantly, confidence that I can happily recommend it to others. The layout and how comprehensive the site was. Genuinely wellbeing focused.”

~ Marcia Clarke
Abundance Foods

“Fantastic I love the fact there is so many different products you can add and in a way that accommodates so many types of business and products.

You have done an excellent job. You can share classes, and events, digital products, physical products and webinars etc. Top Wellbeing Marketplace – the people behind it are genuine [and] want to help other wellbeing business owners.”

~ Eileen Burns
Stress Coach Training

“Alexis and Ursula, personally and professionally come from a very ethical, holistic energy and that is important for me to know that the people involved understand the variety of services available.

They totally are in it for the right reasons and that is why I would choose them over many other providers. I actually like how the directory looked visually when browsing. Collaborative, inclusive, safe!.”

~ Diana Tyson
Natural Transformation Therapy


Thank you for your support towards our mission to collectively increase people’s awareness and access to the variety of wellness support and options available.

All our packages are lovingly provided through a monthly or annual contribution to help cover operating costs. We are deeply appreciative for your ongoing support and help to reach others.

All your contributions help us to –

  • To maintain and develop the Site, that offers directory of, and access to wellness solutions for those seeking support

  • Offer collaborative webinars, videos, blogs and events which provide you with opportunity to collectively market and raise awareness of wellness support

  • Offer individualised wellness support for those accessing our grassroot charity partner services (including Women’s Aid)

Please choose a membership package that best suits your needs and where able please make an annual or monthly contribution to reflect its comparable value to you. Please don’t be hard on yourself if you can’t reflect that at the moment, you won’t be turned away!

  • Get Started

    Business Taster

    Dip your toe in and see what we have to offer, while supporting our mission

    . Annually
    • 0% listing & selling fees
    • 5 Listings
    • 1 Images per listing
    • Store Profile, Management and Business Listing
    • About Page and Gallery to help customers get to know you better
    • Accept Online Payments
    • Choice of 1 Wellbeing Category per listing to get discovered in
    • Precedence for Collaboration Opportunities to non-members **
  • Get Visible

    Business Basics

    The basics to help you get started and grow your wellbeing business easily

    • 0% listing & selling fees
    • 25 Listings
    • Up to 3 Images per listing
    • Store Profile, Management and Business Listing
    • About Page and Gallery to help customers get to know you better
    • Accept Online Payments
    • Choice of 2 Wellbeing Categories per listing to get discovered in
    • Appointment Calendar and Booking Management
    • Client Appointment Email Reminders
    • Precedence for Collaboration Opportunities to non-members**
    • Membership discount on any Wellbeing Umbrella events or products
    • How To Write Sales Copy So That Customers Recognise the Benefits of What You’re Selling Course – worth £39
  • Get Professional

    Business Enhanced

    A full set of tools & support to help you reach more people and be their solution

    • 0% listing & selling fees
    • 50 Listings
    • Up to 6 Images per listing
    • Store Profile, Management and Business Listing
    • About Page and Gallery to help customers get to know you better
    • Accept Online Payments
    • Choice of 5 Wellbeing Categories per listing to get discovered in
    • Appointment Calendar and Booking Management
    • Client Appointment Email Reminders
    • Up to 20 Blog articles
    • Linked Products – to help you up/cross sell your products & services
    • Professional Membership Recognition Badge & Filter search*
    • Coupon Management
    • Precedence for Collaboration Opportunities to non-members**
    • Membership discount on any Wellbeing Umbrella events or products
    • How To Write Sales Copy So That Customers Recognise the Benefits of What You’re Selling Course – worth £39
    • Online SEO Blog Writing Course – Worth £29

Important information

*Professional Membership Recognition Badge & Filter search is subject to proof of professional membership credentials & approval by Wellbeing Umbrella Ltd. Evidence can be provided on sign up or once store account opened.

**Collaboration Opportunities (e.g. Community Wellness/Recorded Wellness events) are subject to availability and where specified at an additional cost/donation.

Wellbeing Business FAQ

Wellbeing Business General FAQ

I am not a U.K based wellbeing business can I still join?

Unfortunately not no, sorry! The Wellbeing Umbrella platform is for wellbeing businesses based in the U.K only.

Does the wellbeing platform serve audiences and customers outside the U.K.?

No! Not yet, our site is currently set up to enable you to promote and sell to people in the United Kingdom.

What can I sell on Wellbeing Umbrella?

The Wellbeing Umbrella platform connects people looking for wellbeing solutions and treatments to independent wellness providers within the U.K. Everything showcased, whether goods or services on the Wellbeing platform must promote either physical, mental and/or social wellbeing.

Goods belonging to franchise business brands, multi-level-marketing brands and/or network marketing brands are unfortunately, not permitted on the site.

All services and goods sold on Wellbeing Umbrella must comply with section 6 (What Can and Cannot be Sold on Our Marketplace) of our Terms For Sellers, which includes a prohibited list.

I only have one type of offering (e.g. all appointments) can I still join?

Yes, definitely. Although the wellbeing platform offers you the tools to sell everything wellbeing, you’re not expected to. You’re welcome to use your listing allowance as you please (in accordance with Sellers rules).

How much are payment processing and pay-out fees?

To ensure that both you and your customers enjoy a satisfying and mutually beneficial transaction, we use Stripe as our Payment Card Processing Provider.

Payments are processed securely, through our SSL-encrypted platform. Payment Processing fees are 1.4% + 20p on domestic card transactions in the UK.

There are NO pay-out fees on the site, payment will be credited straight to your Payment Service Account within 7 days. (Please note: Stripe don’t release your first pay-out until 7–14 days after receiving your first successful payment).

Joining FAQ

What type of business insurance do I need to be a member of the site?

We make every effort to ensure wellness store sellers on our Wellbeing Umbrella platform are legitimate and hold valid business insurance.

It is a condition of our wellbeing platform that we see up-to-date business insurance of store account holders and that you have a copy to hand when registering to our marketplace. The type of business insurance we accept includes Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and/or Product Liability.

Depending upon the nature of your wellbeing business will depend upon the type of, above listed, business insurance(s) you hold and submit to us.

What documents do I need to gain Wellbeing Umbrella’s Professional Membership Recognition Badge & Filter search?

To help demonstrate you are a member of a professional body, organisation or association we accept copies of Membership certificates or cards.

Such evidence can be uploaded to us on registration or from your store dashboard once logged in, anytime during your membership subscription.

What donation/contribution amount do you suggest?

A Wellbeing Umbrella store is lovingly provided through a regular contribution from Store Sellers to help us cover our operating costs. We are deeply appreciative for your ongoing support and help to reach others.

We ask for either a monthly or yearly contribution. Naturally the more available on a store seller package, the more it costs to run.
Helpful guidance on suggested contribution for any store package is on our payment pages once you have decided to join us. For example, the suggested package contribution for the Business Taster starts as little as £2+ per month, which you can cancel at any time.

Please note we do not turn people away who wish to join our mission to increase awareness, but who are unfortunately unable to financially reflect the guided figures at present. Hence, the idea of self-selected contribution.

We trust that you’ll be guided by your heart with your contribution, for as they say what you give, you receive back tenfold!

Listings FAQ’s

Are there any listing or selling fees?

No! We’re keen to support other wellbeing businesses to help the people that need them most, so we keep costs to a minimum. Instead we have annual or monthly subscription plans to meet your needs.

Please Note: Stripe payment processing fees do apply.

Do listings expire?

No! The listings within your subscription are ongoing. You can use them all or just a few. You can even delete and add new ones, as long as it stays within your listing allowance.

Can I still create an appointment or class based listing via the Business Taster Package?

Yes, however unlike our Business Basics and Business Enhanced package that has appointment and class listings with booking schedule features, our Business Taster package enables you to promote/sell your appointment or class based services via a product listings.

Customers can still enquire about your availability, via the message button and pay in advance with the buy button on your listing.

Wellbeing Business Store FAQ

How do wellbeing categories work?

Each subscription package is given a wellbeing category allowance that can be used on each listing to help browsing customers find you. These categories include different therapies, wellness challenges and outcomes. Decide which category best suits your listing and amend at anytime.

Does the Wellbeing Umbrella calendar sync with other calendars?

Our marketplace calendar is currently not compatible with other calendars. It is currently in development to enable syncing with Google calendar, of which Google is compatible with most widely used calendar systems.

I’m selling digital goods via the Wellbeing Umbrella platform, do I need to register for MOSS?

The marketplace only sells digital goods to customers located within the U.K., so collection and remit of VAT on digital items purchased by customers of countries outside the U.K. is not required.

I have staff in my business who need access to orders and bookings.

If you have more than one person working in your business, at an additional cost, you can grant them staff permission to help you run your listings and orders. Plus choose to manage and add staff availability to your appointment schedule, so clients can select and book appointments with them too. You can request the feature of Staff users as an Add-on when applying to the Wellbeing Umbrella platform.

Still got questions you need answering?

Feel free to reach out to us via our Help page

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