Calling all Compassionate Wellness Practitioners and Wellbeing Visionaries . . .  

Welcome to Wellbeing Umbrella the wellness matchmaker platform that connects people to a wealth of health and wellness options, regardless of income. We’re all about increased visibility and inclusivity! If you believe health and wellness should be accessible to everyone, then you are our kind of people!


At Wellbeing Umbrella, our goal is to make wellness accessible and promote your listings in a way that enables you to showcase to regular full paying customers, while also make a meaningful impact on those facing financial challenges.

Don’t stress! We’re not encouraging you to give everything away for free or at a super low cost – we get it, that’s not sustainable. We’re all about promoting wellness inclusivity when and wherever you can make it happen!

For instance, you may offer a massage service and have a 1hour slot available once a month that you offer as a ‘pay as you feel’ option to someone in need on a first-come, first-served basis.

Meanwhile, interested full-paying clients can still connect with you directly via your listing to schedule appointments.


Here are additional great ways to promote your free and paid support on the site while embracing inclusivity: –

Free Resources on Email Sign-Up – share valuable wellness resources with users who sign up via email.

Complimentary Resources on Video Platforms – highlight free resources available on platforms like YouTube or Vimeo.

Low-Cost Appointment Slots You have Each Month – allocate some appointment slots at a reduced cost each month.

Affordable Products – introduce low-cost products alongside your existing offerings. These could include e-books, online courses, audio content or mini-sessions catering to individuals who may prefer a more budget-friendly option.

Affordable Cancellation/Unfilled Slots – offer low-cost options for cancelled or unfilled appointment slots to assist those facing financial difficulties.

Reduced-Fee Course Spots – extend reduced-fee spots for courses through a simple application process.

Pay-as-You-Feel Payment Options – provide flexible payment options, allowing customers to pay as they feel comfortable across your services.

Scholarship Opportunities – feature full or part scholarship programs for individuals who need financial assistance.

Donation-Based Fees – allow customers to contribute through donation-based fees, promoting a sense of community support.

Free Support Services – in case it’s not obvious, any assistance you offer to clients in need through free support services.

Sell your wellbeing services, products and promote your events


  • Reach a Bigger Crowd – Reach a wider crowd, including beyond those dealing with tight budgets.

  • SEO Win – Listings go straight to your site, boosting your search engine game.

  • Good Vibes – Show social responsibility and attract customers with a heart.

  • Trust and Authenticity – Paying customers dig brands that care more about them than their money. Our site helps you demonstrate that!

  • Ride the Customer Wave – Tap into our wave of existing customers who visit the site.

  • Easy Setup, Low Cost – You can even use us as your sole website and save yourself the headaches. Quick, simple and budget-friendly.


We’re on the lookout for wellness practitioners, solopreneurs and organisations who share our vibe and are passionate about making a positive impact. If you believe health and wellness should be accessible to all and you’re into making your services accessible where you can through things such as freebies, budget-friendly options or sliding-scale magic, we want YOU to hang out with us!


Our Mission is Simple . . .

Hooking people up with a bunch of health and wellness options, no matter their budget. And to help you sprinkle some wellness love to everyone, our site serves up things like:

Your Own Wellbeing Store – Get ready to create your very own slice of zen on our wellbeing platform! It’s your space to showcase all things wellbeing – appointments, classes, products, events, downloads, you name it.

We’re big on inclusivity! Whether your service is free, you mention a once-a-month pay-as-you-feel option for someone in a financial pickle or any other cool thing you’re doing – we’ll be happy to champion it! Every listing is welcome here!

Make it Yours – Customize your store and about page to match your brand and vision perfectly.

Showcase Your Wellness Goodies – Create and manage up to 10 wellness listings to attract a whole new audience including full paying customers.

Over To You – Via your listing you can keep people on the site or direct customers to your own site and services to take hassle-free bookings, orders and payments 24/7.

Easy-Peasy Store Management – Get your unique store URL and use it as your own website store. Direct customers straight to your offerings with a breeze.

User-Friendly Setup – A simple step-by-step setup and an easy-to-use store dashboard – no tech headaches here!

We’ve Got Your Back – Dive into our Supportive Help Centre for guidance and video tutorials. Even if you’re not tech-savvy, we’ve got you covered!

And That’s Not All – There’s a whole lot more waiting for you!

Remember by sharing your fantastic offerings on our site, you’re not just boosting your business; you’re also joining the collective mission to spread the wellness love and increase awareness of the countless of options out there. Ready to dive in?


You and your wellness support are at the heart of our mission. That’s why we’ve made sure your store and listings are super easy for customers to find 24/7.

They can check you out on our ‘wellness listings’ page or hit up the ‘browse a provider’ page from anywhere on the site. Easy peasy!

Search the wellbeing marketplace directory


Boost your chances of being discovered by the right folk! Just sprinkle some of our wellness categories onto your store listings. From stress relief to hormonal balance, we’ve got it covered.

With one click, you’ll be joyfully popping up in our menus and filters, reaching people who never knew your magic could make a difference for them!


Huge thanks for considering joining our mission to spread wellness vibes far and wide, no matter the size of anyone’s wallet!

We get it, breaking into the wellbeing business world takes serious dedication and a ton of hustle. We’re right here with you, ready to kick those financial barriers to the curb!

Quick heads up – the site is totally FREE, but if you’re feeling the love and want to keep the good stuff rolling, toss in a donation. No judgment, seriously. Donate what you can and as you hit those success milestones, feel free to tweak it or donate again.

The Real Deal from Our Store Contributors . . .

“Your emphasis on providing a marketplace for all manner of wellbeing services is so important right now, and I think it will be hugely successful.

The manner in which you do it too, with such professionalism, gives me confidence in your offering, and most importantly, confidence that I can happily recommend it to others. The layout and how comprehensive the site was. Genuinely wellbeing focused.”

~ Marcia Clarke
Abundance Foods

“Fantastic I love the fact there is so many different products you can add and in a way that accommodates so many types of business and products.

You have done an excellent job. You can share classes, and events, digital products, physical products and webinars etc. Top Wellbeing Marketplace – the people behind it are genuine [and] want to help other wellbeing business owners.”

~ Eileen Burns
Stress Coach Training

“Alexis and Ursula, personally and professionally come from a very ethical, holistic energy and that is important for me to know that the people involved understand the variety of services available.

They totally are in it for the right reasons and that is why I would choose them over many other providers. I actually like how the directory looked visually when browsing. Collaborative, inclusive, safe!.”

~ Diana Tyson
Natural Transformation Therapy

Wellbeing Business FAQ

Wellbeing Business General FAQ

What can I display on Wellbeing Umbrella?

The Wellbeing Umbrella platform connects people looking for wellbeing solutions and treatments to independent wellness providers within the U.K. Everything showcased, whether goods or services on the Wellbeing platform must promote either physical, mental and/or social wellbeing.

Goods belonging to franchise business brands, multi-level-marketing brands and/or network marketing brands are unfortunately, not permitted on the site.

All services and goods sold on Wellbeing Umbrella must comply with section 6 (What Can and Cannot be Sold on Our Marketplace) of our Terms For Store Users, which includes a prohibited list.

I only have one type of offering (e.g. all appointments) can I still join?

Yes, definitely. Although the wellbeing platform offers you the tools to promote everything wellbeing, you’re not expected to. You’re welcome to use your listing allowance as you please (in accordance with Store User rules).

I love your mission, but I’m not sure if my business is in a position to help – what do I do?

We promise you that you probably are in a position to help, you might just need some help to think outside the box. We suggest re-reading the additional ways to promote your free and paid services on the site HERE for ideas or contacting us direct for a helping hand HERE, we’re always happy to help.

Listings FAQ’s

Are there any listing or selling fees?

No! We’re keen to support other wellbeing businesses to help the people that need them most, so the site is FREE. However, we’re happy to remind you that any donations to keep the site rolling are gratefully appreciated.

Do listings expire?

No! The listings are ongoing. You can use them all or just a few. You can even delete and add new ones, as long as it stays within your listing allowance.

How do wellbeing categories work?

Your account is given an allowance of 2 x wellbeing categories that can be used on each listing to help browsing customers find you. These categories include different therapies, wellness challenges and outcomes. Decide which category best suits your listing and amend at anytime.

Still got questions you need answering?

Feel free to reach out to us via our Help page

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