Tips for Protecting Your Inner Calm and Peace

How cool, calm and collected are you?

Between juggling family life, jobs, socialising and all other manner of things which are part of our daily routines, it’s no wonder that at times we can feel overwhelmed. And when you’re in the thick of it, it becomes a challenge to identify not only what can cause us stress and worry but also what will help bring inner calm and peace.

I’ve thought back over times where I felt that my inner calm was being compromised, and what I do differently now for myself to ensure that I’m in the best place I can be and am championing my wellbeing.

These are the key factors which I have realised have changed for me over time and have had the most impact on allowing me to feel calm. 

1. Make time in the week to do things which make you feel good

This can be mentally, physically or even both! This doesn’t need to be hours at a time- life is busy and this would be a challenge to achieve each week- but identifying simple things which you can do that help you feel calm and peaceful make it easier to dedicate this time to you.

What do you know makes you feel good and takes you away from other distractions? For some, this could be exercising or getting outside in nature. For others, it would be reading a chapter of a book or doing a jigsaw puzzle.

When would you be able to do this each week? Could you swap out time on social media for 10 minutes of meditation for example.

2. Stop apologising or looking for permission for things which you don’t need to

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Sometimes we can find ourselves overlooking or dismissing our emotions. If something is upsetting or hurtful, even if this is a rational response, a default instead is to apologise. There can be a few reasons for this, and if you know this is something you do, some questions which can help you to pinpoint why are:

  • Are there certain people I do this with?
  • Do I have a safe space/person I can open up to about my emotions?
  • Am I worried about the response if I show my feelings?
  • Do I see opening up and being vulnerable as a weakness?

Being able to be open with how we feel can be so freeing and bring you inner calm. If we know how to handle these emotions when they arise, they stop being so daunting. We go from apologising for who and how we are to learning to embrace and love that part of us.

3. Take a calm stance – remove/distance yourself from toxic people in your life

Unfortunately, we all come into contact at some point with people who feel like a drain on our emotions. Sometimes these people are easy to keep at arms’ length, other times they are right in the middle of our social circle. But if you find that the build up to seeing certain people makes you feel anxious or uncomfortable, or if you don’t feel good after being with them, it isn’t fair on you and your personal wellbeing to continually put yourself through this. I truly believe one of the most valuable things you can give someone is your time, and in turn you deserve to spend that with those who bring you joy!
Can you speak to them about behaviours which make you feel uncomfortable? One person’s “banter” can be received very differently and they may not even be aware what they are doing is hurtful.
Can you actively distance yourself?
Would it be plausible to spend less time with this person if you don’t feel that a conversation will have the desired outcome?

Inner Calm and Peace Take Home . . .

We spend more time with ourselves than anyone else. And we absolutely deserve to do things which bring us joy and happiness and protect our inner calm. Being this champion for ourselves is so key. Hopefully these tips and questions will help point you in the right direction of finding what calm and peace looks like for you, and how to maintain this long-term.

If any of the themes throughout this blog resonate with you, or if you’d like to discuss them further. I offer 1:1 coaching sessions designed to help you regain your inner power and confidence. You can email or book through my website contact page accessible via my bio below.

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