5 Natural Therapies to Combat Stress

Do you know of any natural therapies to combat stress?

Although stress is natural. When your body no longer returns to a relaxed state and remains continually triggered more needs to be done. One way of tackling stress is with common stress relieving tips, techniques, and methods. Another way to seek relief from stress is through natural therapies provided by practitioners. Let’s explore five of them, courtesy of the professionals.

1. Stress Busting through Loving the Self

Introducing Catherine Taylor, a Psychotherapist from Catherine Taylor Changing Lives. Catherine beautifully shares with us how self-love is one of the most natural therapies to combat stress.

Catherine Taylor, a Psychotherapist from Catherine Taylor Changing Lives.

“Having practiced for 27 years as a Psychotherapist and Author of the book Life or Lie; I would like to share my self-healing method which in essence is Self-Love.

I believe, and have witnessed, that once a person can really validate themselves, 50 to 60% possibly more stress is reduced automatically.

Once that process has been achieved then a person is able to stop “people pleasing” they will be able to assert themselves in stressful situations and thus their anxiety significantly reduced.

This is not to say one becomes selfish but rather courageous and vulnerable in their honesty. As a result, avoiding feeling guilt resentment and other further anxiety provoking emotions. “To be able to say what you mean and mean what you say with love is freedom and stress busting.” The Formula which is basically self-love something that we have been taught is egotistical but when done properly it is really a proven method for reducing self-inflicted stress. Leaving energy and a capacity to deal with any issues that may need your response. Freedom, courage, and strength lie in this state of self-love.”

2. Hypnotherapy as a Natural Therapy to Sidestep Stress

Thank you to Emma Fraser, a Clinical Hypnotherapist from Open2Change Menopause Support. Emma kindly enlightens us on how Hypnotherapy is a valuable stress relieving natural therapy.

 Emma Fraser, a Clinical Hypnotherapist from Open2Change Menopause Support.  Hypnotherapy - natural therapies to combat stress.

“Stress can have a detrimental effect on our overall health impacting both our physical and mental wellbeing. Signs and symptoms are endless but can include headaches, muscle tension, insomnia, high blood pressure, rapid heart rate, irritability, and depression to name but a few.

Hypnosis is a fantastic natural therapy to release stress from the body and enable people to cope better with daily life. Using interventions including relaxation and breathing techniques as well as guided visualisation, we can include mechanisms to release stress at a deeper subconscious level. This leaves a person feeling lighter and free as the stress is discharged from the body.

It’s recommended that hypnotic stress release sessions are done on a regular basis as stress caused by work, family, relationships, finances etc, can quickly begin to build up again. Prevention is always better than cure. Lifestyle factors, diet, sleep, and exercise are all areas of focus during sessions to relieve stress.

Self-care advice is important in that it enables a person to be better able to support themselves. Improved physical and mental health leads to increased happiness, more motivation and energy and a better outlook on life in general and of course…LESS STRESS!!”

3. Mindfulness for Stress Management

Now over to Lucy Woods, a Mindfulness Expert from Presence of Mind. Lucy beautifully sheds light on how mindfulness is one of the most beneficial and natural therapies to combat stress

 Lucy Woods, a Mindfulness Expert from Presence of Mind.

“A lot of our stress is created by mental time travel. We worry about the past or the future, and the body responds as if the worrying thing is happening now. Mindfulness meditation practice trains our brains to be present more often.

When we are present, we are aware of what we are doing and thinking, which allows us more agency over our thoughts and notice those which are really unhelpful!

Mindfulness is a proven stress management technique with 1000s of research papers supporting its effectiveness. After 8-weeks of practice, f-MRI scans have shown increased grey matter in the part of the brain responsible for emotional regulation and a decrease in activity in the amygdala (responsible for the stress response – fight/flight/freeze).

Try it for yourself. Stop what you are doing and pay attention to where you can feel your breath coming in and out (around the nose/abdomen). Keep your attention with what you can feel rather than thinking about breathing (you don’t need to influence or change how you breathe). When the mind wanders, bring it back, firmly but without judgement – this is key! Set a timer for a few minutes of practice. What did you notice?”

4. Counselling as Natural Therapies to Combat Stress

Here’s Karen Pullan, a Psychotherapist from Karen Pullan Yoga and Wellbeing. Enthusiastically informing us how the popular and natural therapy of counselling can help you reduce stress in your life.

Karen Pullan, a Psychotherapist from Karen Pullan Yoga and Wellbeing. Counselling - natural therapies to combat stress.

“Therapy, what is it good for? Absolutely everything…

Well, that is the way the song goes, isn’t it?

Being human can be hard, the daily routines can leave us feeling overwhelmed and maybe a little disconnected from the world.

Our emotions can be all over the place and we can feel anxious which leads to stress.

Counselling is one of the ways in which you can address stress in your life and allow yourself to make different choices.

How? How does it work?

Well, we have an hour a week to sit and talk about how stress shows itself in your life. And in between our sessions is where the real work happens. You really are doing the work yourself with the guidance of your therapist.

Firstly, there are choices on how you want to approach your therapy, online, in person, walk and talk. This first stage helps reduce some of the stress involved in working with me. Second is a non-contractual meeting to see whether you and I wish to work together. Thirdly we agree an approach to your counselling and what you want to achieve, any goals you may have and then we meet regularly for you to talk things through.

The approach I take is that you are unique, and your therapy needs to be this way too. Tailoring your therapy to fit you and your needs in a safe therapeutic space.”

5. Crystal & Reiki Therapy for Stress Relief 

Introducing, Nicky Gee, a Reiki & Crystal Therapist and Holistic Therapist from Bct Workshops. Who kindly shares insight on how Crystal and Reiki therapy can be used as natural therapies to combat stress.

Nicky Gee, a Reiki & Crystal Therapist and Holistic Therapist from Bct Workshops.

“Stress is healthy in small normal doses. It keeps us on our toes, gets the adrenalin going, can make us excited, and feel alive! But when the fun isn’t there with the daily stress you are facing, what can you do to help yourself?

You need to give yourself time to breathe, relax, removing yourself from the stress in your life which is taking over. You hear it all the time, mindfulness, but what’s mindfulness to you? Do you try and relax with a good book, a walk in the park, or get some much-needed fresh air, but what if this just doesn’t hit the mark?

I discovered Reiki & Crystals were the ones for me. So impressed at the euphoria I could gain from this therapy, that I trained to teaching level, so I could share this with others. I can best describe the experience as an internal massage. Crystal and Reiki Therapy is a non-touching, non-massaging, and no hands-on therapy. Fully dressed, you only feel the crystals being placed on you, while you just lay and enjoy the experience.

Through the inner balancing taking place throughout the crystal and healing therapy, you can feel so much more balanced. Therefore, leaving you to cope easier with life in general, plus all the stresses that life can throw at us! What are you waiting for?”

Natural Therapies to Combat Stress Take Home Message

There are so many ways on offer to us to tackle and combat stress. Everyone is different and no one size fits all. The important part is to find what best suits you and if one of the natural therapies is one of them, be sure to act and reduce any stress today!

If you need further help to find a therapy or solution to manage stress, check our wellbeing platform. It is full of dedicated wellness practitioners over at Wellbeing Umbrella.

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