5 Free Wellness Resources to Help You Thrive

We have rounded up five fabulous wellness resources to help you tackle relationships, stress, anxiety, overwhelm and being time-poor!

We love sharing free resources here at Wellbeing Umbrella, as we see it as an opportunity to introduce you to other wellness solutions. In a risk-free kind of way. They help you to explore other ways of thinking or practices before fully committing yourself.

How do you know whether a new way of managing a wellness challenge is for you until you’ve either done extensive research or dipped your toe in and tried. That’s essentially what free wellness resources can help with. Along with introducing you to health and wellness practitioners who you can reach out to if you need further support.

On that note, let’s introduce you to five wellness practitioners and their supportive wellness resources.

FREE Relationship Tension Remedy Meditation

1 out of 5 Free wellness Resources

One of the biggest challenges we face as humans is authentic connection. Not being skilled in connecting intimately ensures that most of our relationships are challenging and perhaps not what we really want.

When we discover what it really takes to cultivate dream relationships, we often find out that it takes work! Relationships can serve as catalysts to feel safe and personally develop. Yet, many of us can feel frightened by this idea. Often because it requires us to become aware of our unhealthy relational patterns. Plus, heal our deepest wounds, lean into discomfort, and actively deal with stress.

However, we all have the choice to use our innate ability. Both to overcome hurts of the past and make the most of our relationships. We can start by easing ourselves into the journey of authentically becoming who we are. By exploring tools that support our healing process, in a soft and effective way.

The main one being cultivating the capacity to self-regulate our nervous system and embrace challenging situations, as opportunities for growth and healing.

Self-regulation is the key to operating from a grounded and connected place, rather than from an uncomfortable space of inner tension and disconnection that can negatively affect those we love most.

My step-by-step guide to transform how you feel in 10 minutes or less can help you with just this.

The first of our five free wellness resources is created by Erica Marmai

The first of our five free wellness resources is created by Erica Marmai. Who is a Relationship Coach & Self-Discovery Guide over at Erica Marmai Ltd

FREE Resources to Help Shift Stress & Anxiety

2 out of 5 Free wellness Resources

Grab one of my Mind MoJoe Detox Toolbox freebies to start to shift from anxiety and stress to calmness, happiness, and success.

To help you get back your Mind MoJoe with Joe Roe, inside you will find:

  • Doughnut Workbook that includes your goal-setting tool to gain clarity on where you are now and where you want to be with your mental health and life
  • The 7 Building Blocks, sharing the 7 key areas clients come to see me about to enable you to explore these areas within your life
  • Joe Vlogs to support your coaching journey along the way
  • Bonus Mini Doughnut Workbook to get specific on a goal area of your life
  • Bonus coaching questions to shift you towards achieving your goals

Simply work through the Workbooks and Joe Vlogs at your own pace. At the end, you will also receive a link to gain handy access to all these resources under one roof. Allowing you to revisit them whenever you wish.

Joe Roe offering her Mind MoJoe Detox Toolbox free wellness resources

The second of our five free wellness resources has kindly been forwarded by Joe Roe. Joe is a mental health coach and can be reach over at The Mental Health Coach.

Free Qi Gong Meditation to Enthuse Inner Peace

3 out of 5 Free wellness Resources

Calm Your Mind in Less Than 5 Minute with this Fast, Effective Qi Gong Meditation. Meditation can be one of the most powerful techniques you can teach a person. The key is finding the right meditation technique.

One of the most popular meditation tools that I ever taught was my adapted 5 Minute Qi Gong Meditation. This was a technique that I originally adapted to teach young teenage boys who struggled with behaviour issues and ADHD.

Little did I know over 20 years ago this would become the most popular meditation tool I would teach kids, carers, executives even those who thought they couldn’t meditate.

The best way to use this less than 5-minute anxiety and stress-busting tool is in the morning and throughout your day. Especially at the beginning of a busy day, before or after challenging situations. Teach your kids, your partner, don’t just keep this meditation tool for you.

The third of our helpful free wellness resources has been created by Eileen Burns.

The third of our helpful free wellness resources has been created by Eileen Burns. Who is a Stress Management Coach, Meditation Teacher, Healer found over at Stress Coach Training.

Routinely Be Kind to Yourself Freebie

4 out of 5 Free wellness Resources

I LOVE routine. I don’t see the structure of a routine as a cage, as something to be trapped in by.

Routine is like a skeleton. It’s the thing that enables me to function. Imagine your body without a skeleton. You’d be a blob on the floor, and it would take INCREDIBLE strength and effort for you to move.

Having set routines and plans is the foundation of self-care. Self-care isn’t about indulging in spa days or splurging on a shopping trip. Self-care is the stuff we do every day. Yes, some would call it the boring stuff! Eating, sleeping, exercising.

This is why I created a tool to help people build the daily routines that most fit into their lives. Spending a bit of time crafting how you would ideally like your daily life to look like will make it far more likely to happen.

It takes time to build new habits, so go easy on yourself if you don’t stick to it every day. Remember this is an ideal. But be honest if it really isn’t working.

The fourth of our free wellness resources has been lovingly created by Felicity Pryke. Who is a Satisfaction Coach, Yoga Teacher, and Reflexologist at Finding Felicity.

Free Guide to Cleansing and Charging Your Crystals

5 out of 5 Free wellness Resources

The benefits of crystals for healing are widely known. What people tend to forget is that you need to look after your crystals to get the best out of them.

As crystals work with energy, they need regular recharging like a battery. When they have been used for long periods of time, particularly to help clear negative thoughts and emotions away, crystals need cleansing of that negative energy to enable them to work at their best.

There are lots of different ways you can cleanse and charge crystals, all of which can be quite confusing at times. You may hear things like if it ends in –ite then don’t put it in water or this and that crystal fade when left in the sun.

I’ve summarised quick and easy ways to look after your crystals in a free Guide to Cleansing and Charging Your Crystals. At just 2 pages long it’s great for beginners or as a reminder for more experienced practitioners.

wellness resources has been created by Sharon Hadley

The final of our wellness resources has been created by Sharon Hadley. Sharon is a Crystal Mentor and easily found over at NKN Crystal Creations.

Other FREE Wellness Resources

For those of you who would like to continue exploring what other wellness resources are available for free, we can help! Here at wellbeing Umbrella, we’re all about making people aware of the variety of wellness solutions and treatments on offer in partnership with wellness practitioners. On that note, scroll down to where we happily signpost you to even more practitioners’ free support.

Checkout more Free Wellness Resources Here

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