Valentine’s Day Ideas for Wellbeing Lovers

Okay, so Valentine’s Day (14th February) is all about love and expressing appreciation.

The most loving day of the year is well known for being celebrated with red roses, chocolates, and extravagant gifts.

Yet, what could be more loving than the gift of wellbeing? You know, the state of comfort, health, and happiness!

Well, for wellbeing lovers – not much!

That’s why we’re happy to enlighten you on 10 fabulous wellbeing-based valentines’ ideas you can bestow on your very important person(VIP).

Now, your VIP this Valentine’s Day might well be your romantic partner. But remember there’s no law that says the big day is just for couples! It can also be appreciation of your friends, bestie, your children or more importantly your good self!

Read on to learn ten different wellness ideas you can do to celebrate valentines this year! 

Valentine’s Day Yoga

Valentine’s Day yoga idea

Whether you’re celebrating this year’s V-day solo, with a partner, or child get ready to roll out your Yoga mat. And take the opportunity to unconditionally express love through a heart opening Yoga sequence!

This sacred practice allows you to cultivate the heart chakra, shower yourself and others with compassion. Plus feel lighter and more aligned, both in body and mind. When it comes to Yoga, there are lots of heart opening poses to enjoy, including but not limited to Cobra, Reverse Plank, Camel, and Warrior II.

To incorporate Valentines Yoga into your day, why not book a class with a reputable yoga teacher (local or live online) and allow love to flow through the heart opening movements.

Valentine’s Day Painting

Did you know that painting is not just for fun, but healing too? Not only can it encourage bonding, but it can help you and loved one’s cope better with stress too. Studies show that creative expression through the therapy of art can help improve mental wellbeing.

So, on that note why not destress, have fun, and get expressive with paint this valentine’s as either a singleton or with another. Create a heart themed art piece, an acrylic portrait, or a romantic water colour scene. Painting classes can be enjoyed in person, virtually or even at home via a video tutorial! Whether you have the pleasure of a day event or a date night, you’ll have a memory and masterpiece of love, forever more!

Devote the Day to Dancing 

Valentine’s Day gift idea - dance class

Do you watch Strictly Come Dancing each year? If so, you’ll know that dancing, especially ballroom dancing can be fun and very romantic. Music and movement can be a magical way to enjoy another’s company, up close and get to know them even better! Don’t worry you don’t need to have experience to be able to dance, just a desire to learn and have fun.

The Rumba is one of the most romantic types of dances that tells a story of love and passion. Other romantic dances include the Waltz, Fox Trot and Tango! The great thing about dance is it has many health benefits including muscle strength, endurance, along with an increase in endorphins, so you’ll feel great too! 

Much like painting previously, you can enjoy a class in person, online or even as a video tutorial. It’s worth a go, just for the experience and happiness on another’s face. You never know, it may become a new hobby!

Retreat to Love

Why not break the day-to-day routine of life and enjoy a retreat either by yourself or with your VIP this valentine’s day? Retreats are purposeful getaways that are aimed at relaxing, realigning, and reconnecting in a beautiful setting.

Retreats tend to include training, exercise, therapy or counselling sessions by health and wellness practitioners to gain introspection and awareness and help you improve your spiritual, mental, and physical wellbeing.

There are so many types of retreats you could enjoy for valentines depending on your intention.  There are Yoga retreats, health and fitness retreats, couples’ retreats, adventure retreats, Spa retreats and so on.

The great thing about a retreat is everything is planned for you already, including the itinerary, meal arrangements and commutes. Leaving you and your VIP (if invited) stress free and more time to spend with each other or other likeminded folk at the retreat too!

A Valentine’s Day Digital Detox!

digital detox for Valentine’s Day

Did you know that just under 80 percent of couples openly admit technology distracts them from connecting with one another. Valentine’s Day offers a fabulous opportunity to disconnect from technology or digital devices and reconnect with either your partner or your lovely self.

In a declaration of love, why not put aside 24/7 notifications, mindless scrolling, constant connectivity, the social media inferiority complex and take a break from devices.

Going off-grid means you’re willing to set healthy boundaries and make a commitment to spend quality time (non-interrupted) with your love. Unplugging from digital distractions can lead to deepening of relationships, as you’re paying more attention to others, plus you have more time on your hands. You never know you might love it that much, that a digital detox becomes a regular occurrence. 

Cupid in The Kitchen 

Everyone loves good food! Rather than going out for a meal. How about cooking something from scratch either for yourself or together with another this Valentine’s Day. You could create a home-cooked favourite or follow a recipe and try something new! The great thing is if it’s on your turf, you can ensure it’s a healthy meal and meets your dietary requirements.

If you really want to test your culinary skills, why not treat yourself and others to a master cooking class from a qualified chef. You can enjoy classes in person, online or in a pre-recorded lesson format. Classes could include bread making, desserts, pastry, vegetarian, Indian cuisine, French cuisine and so on.

Cooking offers you the opportunity to increase skills and if doing with others creates closer bonds and fabulous memories.

Savour a Scenic Walk 

How does taking yourself or your other half (or friends, children) on a beautiful scenic stroll this Valentine’s Day sound?

It is well-known that walking is a great way to improve or maintain your overall health and wellness. So, why not accept this with open arms along with the rewards of tackling a trail and having your breath taken away by the views. Or enjoy feeding the ducks at a park, walking around a woodland area, the beach, or the romantic grounds of a stately home.

There so many types of walks to choose from and picturesque views to soak up. You don’t need to be a good or experienced walker to enjoy, just a desire to be out in nature. That said, wrap up warm it’s February. And if you want to take it one step further, be sure to pack a picnic or at least a hot flask!

Valentine’s Day Massage 

Who doesn’t’ want more feel-good hormones! Well, that’s exactly what is coming your way when you enjoy a massage. Along with relaxation, stress relief and self-connection.  

Massage is such a personal and intimate practice, that it makes an ideal gift for Valentine’s Day.  It’s such a great gift that you can enjoy the benefits of it solo or as a couple. Either way post-session you’ll be in a more grounded and open state.

Most Massage Therapists go the extra mile for V-day and add chocolate and wine to your session, making it feel even more special.

Whether it’s an act of self-care to yourself or a romantic act to your love. What say’s it better than feeling nurtured!

There are many types of massages to enjoy. Be sure to book early with a massage therapist to prevent missing out on this great valentine’s gift idea.

Make A Vision Board 

Do you have goals and dreams you’d like to achieve? Then why not make valentine’s day the date to get clear and focused on them with visual representation to help bring goals to reality.  

This is especially good whether you’re a singleton or a couple. In fact, if you’re a couple, a vision board is a great tool to use to clarify the things you’d like to focus on and manifest in your relationship. You’ll come away assured that you’re both on the same page and want the same things. Plus, the experience of creating a vision board together offers the opportunity for deeper connection. Especially if you’ve been busy with other things of late.

Vision board classes can be booked and attended in person or online. There are even classes geared towards couples. Classes are usually run by a health professional, generally a health coach, therapist, or practitioner.

A Valentine’s Day Home Spa

Okay, so you may not have a hot tub or sauna to hand, but you can still enjoy a home Spa this Valentine’s Day.

The aim of a home spa day is to help yourself or your VIP to take time out and relax. Self-care is such a beautiful gift to bestow on yourself or others. It’s easy enough, first slip on some comfy robes and slippers, for the spa look.

Then create a heavenly scent and ambience with the use of candles, and/or diffuser, oil burner or good old incense sticks. Fragrances to help set the tone of love and romance might include, Rose, Jasmine, Sandlewood or Patchouli.

Then indulge in some of the following: a bath or shower bomb, mini hand massage, facial peel, face cream mask, relaxing eye mask, soak the feet in bath salts, foot massage, manicure, pedicure. These are just a few ideas, I’m sure you can think of plenty more. Plus, there are plenty of at home spa kits you can use to help you!

Just add gentle music, nibbles and drink of your choosing and there you go, one valentine’s home spa day.

Take Home Valentine’s Day Message 

Hopefully our ten ideas on ways to celebrate valentine’s day through the gift of wellbeing, has been helpful. Most of the activities you can do with little or no money. Plus, they can be done either flying solo or with another, so there’s no excuses this year! Everyone deserves to feel loved, and everyone deserves to be well, and the gift of wellness always delivers on this!

If you would like to check out more wellbeing ideas for valentine’s day, head over to our Wellbeing platform. It’s full of wellbeing gifts and services from wellness practitioners who care.

On that note – have a fabulous Valentine’s Day!

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