Taking Back Control

Anyone who has ever experienced Depression or Anxiety will know that the most overwhelming feelings are of being ‘out of control’.

These feelings will escalate into withdrawing from others. Then you hide away to try and deal with the uncomfortable emotions alone. Just the opposite from what we really need.

The idea of ‘Therapy’ for some, is very alien and unavailable. You search for reasons for the dark place you find yourself in.

But the reason will never help the feelings. You need to learn that actually; you do have some control over the outcome.

Life has never been a smooth process. But to be able to ride the rough with the smooth you need to learn some tools that you can turn to.

If you can realise that thoughts are just that. Not something you can hold or see. If you react to the thoughts that flood your mind on and off during the day, by seeing them as very negative, you will compound their effect.

You Have the Control

Believe that there are alternatives and turning away from, instead of into, our thoughts. We can create the space we need to step back, breath and reassess.

Sometimes it is very hard to get through these tough periods. The actual fighting against what is, can only hold you back from winning through.

So, in conclusion, it is time to take back control. To believe that you do have the power to turn things around and help yourself swim into calmer waters.

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About Angela Winbolt - Serenity Cabin

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Angela Winbolt here. I am a Wellbeing Therapist and I offer 3 treatments in my cabin in my garden here in Seaford - East Sussex.
I went back to college at 50 and took a Beauty Therapy course. I started to offer the full range of treatments, but very shortly realised my passion and my skill was in any treatment that involved massage.
So I kept the facials and took courses in Indian Head Massage and Thai Foot Massage, so I could offer these 3 treatments to aid de-stressing and experience the full relaxation repose.
I have built a steady client base. During the Pandemic and Lockdown I recorded some on-line self massage and relaxation videos to help my clients fill the gap whilst my cabin had to remain closed.
On discovering The Wellbeing Umbrella I have also thought that I could make some of these available through the store so I can reach people outside my caption area.
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