My Experience of Living in the Now

Living in the Now means no longer being concerned about what happened in the past or fearing the future.

It’s about appreciating the gift of each moment and living life intentionally. I’d love to share my recent experiences of living in the Now with you.

Beginning the Year Living in the Now

Another January day and I feel blessed to be able to take a dip in the sea here in Seaford where I live, around 8 am whilst walking my dog.
I then went with my visiting son to visit my elderly mother in the Care Home where she now lives.
Three generations son/grandson, mother, and grandmother. Across the ages, across the memories made together through the years.

My mother was always very good at taking photos. Thank goodness she did, for she has an album in her room which spans the years of all our family. And as her memory at 91 is fading fast, together we could discuss and remind her of everyone. I don’t think families will sit and scroll through their photographs on their laptops or iPads in quite the same way.

Rewind to my breakfast time. I heard on the radio someone being interviewed who said his coping mechanism in life was just to focus living in the now.
Not allowing the mind to turn over the past or try to predict and worry about the future.
What a wise man, this simple statement is certainly the way I cope. In doing so I observe so much more in every day.

Living in the Now Despite Anxiety

Living in the Now Despite Anxiety

Moving forward now into February. I have travelled north to spend a few days with my husband and dog in a rented cottage in a small village called Easton on the Hill. I have been aware for several weeks now of anxiety when I wake in the morning. It is tough to get through because it is still dark when I wake.

You can either allow these feelings to overcome you and intrude on your life. Or you have to push back and not allow them to win you over, believing you are powerless.
The negativity and news that surrounds your life are very real. At times it’s very hard to take in, and again do not let the content be absorbed by your thoughts/mind.

Life can be very tough, and you have to ride the rough with the smooth. Yet, by living as much as you can in the “now” it will aid you to live the best life possible within your means.
Appreciate the small things that bring happiness into your life, notice the change in the seasons.  Bring your thoughts and attention to what lies in front of you. In doing so, you will have gained the tools to help you function well and keep yourself in charge.

The Mind’s Role to Help You Live in the Now

The mind can play a big part in how we feel physically and mentally. I used to believe that we have no control over the thoughts that appear to just pop into our head. But then I learnt that it is not so much the thoughts, more how we react to them. We tend to believe that the thoughts are set and that they determine how we feel.

However, you can turn those thoughts around by not accepting them as the only outcome. By bringing your attention to the fact that these are just ‘thoughts’ and not something tangible you can hold onto. They can be changed and dispelled if you believe you do have control over them.

The past and the future can certainly shape us, but to protect our Wellbeing we need to step into the middle space of Living in the NOW.

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About Angela Winbolt - Serenity Cabin

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Angela Winbolt here. I am a Wellbeing Therapist and I offer 3 treatments in my cabin in my garden here in Seaford - East Sussex.
I went back to college at 50 and took a Beauty Therapy course. I started to offer the full range of treatments, but very shortly realised my passion and my skill was in any treatment that involved massage.
So I kept the facials and took courses in Indian Head Massage and Thai Foot Massage, so I could offer these 3 treatments to aid de-stressing and experience the full relaxation repose.
I have built a steady client base. During the Pandemic and Lockdown I recorded some on-line self massage and relaxation videos to help my clients fill the gap whilst my cabin had to remain closed.
On discovering The Wellbeing Umbrella I have also thought that I could make some of these available through the store so I can reach people outside my caption area.
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