6 of the Top Holistic Treatments to Relieve Migraines

When a migraine strikes it can feel more than a ‘really bad headache’!

An intense pulsing or throbbing pain down one side of your head, isn’t for the faint hearted, is it?

Neither are any accompanying feelings of nausea and dizziness or visual disturbances and aversion to light that further debilitate.

Anyone who experiences migraines knows how extremely painful they can be and how desperate you feel when seeking relief.

Good news on this front! We’ve have six holistic methods from the wellbeing world known to be super beneficial for gaining migraine and headache relief! Plus ward off future attacks. Let’s investigate!

1. Reflexology to Combat Migraines

Diana Tyson, Holistic Health & Wellbeing Therapist at Natural Transformation, passionately shares the restorative qualities reflexology can bestow on anyone enduring migraines. 

Reflexology is the ancient Chinese art of stimulating, balancing and harmonising reflex acupressure points within your feet. Each reflex acupressure points correspond with other organs and stimulate the whole of your body (including bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments).

A well-trained Reflexologist will know exactly where to go on your feet to stimulate the flow, energy and hormones that need to be released to help bring balance to your body.

My Son and myself have experienced migraines and know how debilitating they can be. They are generally caused by trigger foods, stress, or actual tension in your neck and back, reducing the venous blood flow to your head, that leads to the pain and discomfort associated with a migraine. 

During Reflexology, stimulated acupressure points within your toes will quickly send a message to the peripheral nerves instructing your body to reduce tension.  As a result, promoting the flow of energy, blood and feel-good hormones (such as serotonin, oxytocin and cortisol). Along with the parasympathetic nervous system, that counter acts your fight or flight, they reduce symptoms of a migraine.

I personally show my clients which acupressure points to press on their feet. It helps them become self-efficient at managing any migraine attacks. Although, a regular therapy session once a month will help to reduce migraine attacks, as Reflexology is a good all-rounder for keeping your mind and body in balance.”

2. Nutritional Therapy to Banish Migraines

Michelle Paterson, Nutritional Therapist & Health Coach at Transition Nutrition, passes on her wisdom on how Nutritional Therapy gets to the true source of migraines. 

I’m a Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach and I work with people who are feeling stressed, sleep-deprived or out of balance in some way.

I use the practice of Nutritional Therapy to help people understand and heal their root causes using nutrition, supplements and lifestyle interventions.

The approach is very specific and tailored towards you as an individual. It is important for me, as a practitioner, to understand in detail your health history, symptoms and how you live your life, so that you can be provided with the right support.

When considering root causes of migraines, it is essential to establish any patterns or potential triggers, for you as an individual. Migraines can often be seen to be cyclical in nature and may be influenced by hormonal patterns.

The other significant trigger for migraines I commonly see, is consumption of specific foods. Food intolerance occurs when the immune system interprets a specific food as a ‘threat’ and reacts – which then causes symptoms, such as migraines.

Reactions can be delayed by up to 72 hours after consumption, causing difficulty in identifying the culprits. Food intolerance testing, carried out by a qualified Nutritional Therapist, to identify individual triggers can be helpful in this respect. A period of removing triggers and gut healing focus often shows powerful results for reducing migraines.

3. Aromatherapy for Migraine Relief

Nora Coyne, Clinical Aromatherapist & Wellbeing Facilitator, at Connemara Healing shares her wisdom on why Aromatherapy is a must have in your wellness toolkit when tackling Migraines!

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Blends help ease migraines, as they have wonderful pain-relieving properties, they’re also great stress relievers and calmatives. Some cool down temperatures, others are analgesic and decongestants.

They have many different qualities that can help with pain and stress relief, which symptoms usually come hand in hand with migraines and headaches.

A great oil blend to use for Migraines would be…

  • 20-100mls of Sweet Almond (contains nuts) or Grapeseed Oil
  • 5 Drops of Lavender, 2 Drops of Peppermint, 3 Drops of Rosemary

If the sinuses are involved, add two drops of lemon oil or eucalyptus oil.

Lemon is good if it is allergy related sinus & eucalyptus is good if there is a sinus infection. Both are great for clearing the sinuses and head, and boosting the immune system.

Another great blend is…

  • 20-100mls of Sweet Almond (contains nuts) or Grapeseed Oil
  • 4 Drops of Lavender, 2 Drops of Chamomile, 2 Drops of Eucalyptus

Chamomile is a great analgesic; I personally prefer it instead of aspirin!

Migraines and Headaches almost always feel like they are either stress, or muscle and tension related. Just by adding a little bit of these mixtures on the affected area, you may feel it ease quickly.

Different Ways You Can Use Your Essential Oil Blend

  • Massage into forehead & temples
  • Inhale
  • In a diffuser
  • On a wet compress”

4. Yoga to Lessen Migraine Pain & Frequency

Julie Shawcross, Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master at Gemstone Health and Wellbeing kindly reveals the reason why Yoga comes up tops when helping to relieve a Migraine. 

“Migraine frequency and intensity was reduced in people who practiced yoga in addition to their regular treatment regimen, (2014 study referenced in the National Institute for Health).

The people practicing yoga also experienced an improvement in the amount of activity in the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS), the rest and digest system for the body.

During yoga, the PNS can slow heart rate and lower blood pressure. Allowing your body to recover after a stressful event, such as a migraine. Tension and stress, which may contribute to migraines can be reduced by yoga poses.

Certain poses can help boost circulation and improve blood flow to your brain reducing pain or throbbing sensations. Here are four poses that may help relieve your symptoms and balance your physical, mental, and emotional states.

  • Child Pose
  • Bridge Pose
  • Downward Facing Dog
  • Shavasana

All four poses can boost circulation, open the chest to reduce anxiety and restore a state of relaxation to the body.

Consider practicing yoga alongside your regular treatment regimen.

Remember that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all treatment for migraines. If you’re wondering whether yoga may be right for you, speak with your doctor. Look out also for yoga teachers that have been reputably trained such as British Wheel of Yoga (https://www.bwy.org.uk).”

5. Crystal Healing to Reduce Migraine Symptoms

Sharon Hadley, Crystal Mentor at NKN Crystal Creations, informatively shares the benefits Crystals can offer in helping to prevent and manage migraines.

Crystals resonate with energy centres or chakras within our bodies. By tapping into this natural energy of crystals you can rebalance your energy.

We don’t always have the time, energy or resource for the benefits of a full Crystal Healing treatment for Migraines, but we can tap into that energy in simpler ways.  

Wearing crystals, such as in a simple elastic bracelet, or even carrying in your pocket, can aid prevention. They are also effective at reducing symptoms during an attack.

If an attack comes on, gently rub the crystal on your third eye (just above your nose). Lie quietly with the crystal on your third eye or tuck it into the notch at the base of your skull. Experiment with the crystals below until you find the one that works best for you.

  • Aventurine – soothes and has anti-inflammatory effects
  • Lapis lazuli – great for reducing intensity of attacks particularly vertigo and nausea
  • Clear quartz – replaces negative energy and stress that often cause migraines with positive energy
  • Rose quartz – supports feelings of love and self-care. If a crystal could give you a hug this would be it
  • Rhodochrosite – my own personal go to, I find it works best just held at the base of my skull”

6. Indian Head Massage to Alleviate Migraines

Nichola Jackson, Holistic Therapist at Halo Holistics, shares the value of using Indian Head Massage for migraines.

Indian Head Massage is based on the ancient healing system of Ayurveda which dates back thousands of years.

The popularity of Indian Head Massage as a treatment has seen a steady growth over recent years. One of its qualities is it can help to alleviate migraines, headaches or back/neck pain.

This blissfully relaxing treatment is extremely effective for treating a common trigger of stress migraines. It does this by working on the area most affected – your shoulders, upper back, neck and head. When drainage techniques and pressure point stimulation are focused on the upper torso and head, the circulation is boosted, headaches, and sinus problems are eased. The overall effects of the treatment are felt throughout the mind and body, resulting in the body’s energies being rebalanced.

Who benefits from Indian Head Massage?

The aim of Indian Head Massage is to release tension in the muscles and joints of your head, neck, shoulders, and face. Extremely helpful for people with issues in these areas. The technique renews and balances energy levels by working on the three higher chakras, the throat, third eye and crown. And in doing so it calms and restores your mind, body and spirit, providing a positive effect on the whole energy system.

Performed under clothing in a seated position, the treatment makes it ideal for workplaces, where employees can undergo a massage without leaving their desk.”


Six of the top holistic therapies to help reduce migraine symptoms have been shared! It’s time to spill, which were your favourite(s) and which are you going to try?

We think all the above are fabulous Holistic Therapies for helping to relieve and ward off migraines.

Please note: Headaches, and pain, in general, could be indicators for underlying problems. Always reach out to your medical practitioner about this.

Disclaimer: The information contained on this Site is provided for general educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. Please consult a qualified health care professional to diagnose your health condition and prevent self-diagnosis. We do not dispense medical advice or prescribe or diagnose illness. Read full medical and health disclaimer.

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