Diana’s Story: Reflexology Helped Me Give Up My Stressful Job And Start A Family

Welcome to Walked A Mile In Your Shoes, a video series for and about wellness seekers and providers. This is a talk episode where guests share their own personal wellness journey and how it influenced the work they do today.

In this episode, we hear from Diana Tyson who just over 23 years ago found herself on the corporate treadmill, feeling overwhelmed and stressed, trying to manage a high power role.

Having suffered two devastating miscarriages. Diana fortunately went on to have two amazing children each with their own individual challenges such as dyspraxia, dyslexia and autism. It was during this highly challenging time Diana discovered holistic therapies particularly Reflexology/Reiki and instantly felt a sense of calm and return of her purpose and direction. With this renewed purpose , Diana realised she wanted to create a space where she could share these wonderful benefits and therapies to decrease stress and anxiety in others.

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