Under Pressure: How to Avoid Losing Your Mojo

Constantly being under pressure in our everyday lives often goes undetected. Sometimes we’re so busy getting everything done that we just don’t realise how much pressure we’re putting on ourselves. There will always be situations in our lives that are out of our control. Yet, there are plenty of practical ways we can manage the amount of pressure we’re under.

We know that sometimes it may feel as though you are carrying the world on your shoulders; it can really weigh you down. Being under too much pressure can cause feelings of anxiety, rage, and fear, and at worst it can lead to complete burnout.  I know this not because of the literature that backs up what I am saying, but through my own personal experience.  Oh yeah, ‘I have got the T-shirt’ so to speak!

Some people tend to think they work best under pressure, and many probably do, but it is much easier to focus on tasks when you feel buoyant and relaxed. A little bit of pressure may well make us more productive and creative but too much, and the weariness may become debilitating.  

Like so many of life’s problems, this one is partly in our minds. There are steps we can take to release the pressure so we can avoid losing our sense of purpose. 

Here they are…

1. Don’t become too busy being busy!

Sometimes we wear our busyness like a badge of honour. It’s become the norm to be busy, and we feel we’re not good enough if we’re not busy. Being task orientated rather than focused on the outcome we’re striving for, or the important things in life that truly make us happy can add to the pressure we’re feeling.

2. Don’t get wrapped up in doing too much for other people.

It’s true that it’s a blessing to be able to help others, but if it leaves no time or mental/physical energy for yourself, then you can easily lose your passion and your get-up-and-go!

3. Make sure you have and connect to the radiators in your life.

Radiators are those helpful people who radiate energy and don’t suck it out of you; they will support you, not drain you. Identify your radiators and build on your connections with them.

4. Don’t believe all that you hear or read!

Do not buy into the media belief’s that you should be perfect in your job, should be on a £50k plus salary by now, should be stick thin, or going on five fabulous holidays each year. Be clear on what gives YOU a sense of passion and importance from deep within yourself, and don’t be swayed by what the outside world tells you that you should be aiming for.

5. Look after yourself physically, not just mentally.

Make sure you are eating, drinking, and sleeping well. When we’re under pressure, our brains are working harder, and a poor diet, being dehydrated, or a lack of sleep will deplete your reserves.

6. Know what brings you joy and do plenty of it! 

Happiness often depends on the external, but joy comes from within. Think about what you are passionate about, what excites you, gives you feelings of rightness, goodness, and fruitfulness. Once you know what brings you joy, make time to do plenty of it!

So which of the 6 areas is your weakest link, contributing to you creating pressure within your life and losing your sense of purpose?

Awareness of what is contributing to it puts you at a great advantage, as you can use it turn things around.  If any of the 6 areas mentioned above are holding you back, use the following helpful coaching questions to get yourself unstuck and back on track.

  • What’s currently going on for you within this area?
  • How would you like it to be instead?
  • What needs to change for you to achieve this?
  • What are you willing to do within the next 7 days to bring yourself closer to achieving the change you want to see within your life?


There are many ways we can relieve the pressure we have in our lives. Listen to your body and persevere with transforming your thoughts and habits. Recognise when the pressure is building and take steps to release yourself from it. Come back to these simple coaching questions as and when you need!

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