Sharon Hadley ~ NKN Crystal Creations

I'm passionate about crystals and the impact they can have on wellbeing and wanted to be able to share that love and knowledge with others. I'm also a total craft addict, if you can name it, I've probably tried it! I suffer with bouts of poor mental health and find that craft, especially repetitious things like knitting, bring me a sense of peace and well-being. I used to be a put my crystals in my bra girl but after losing a few decided to use my crafty side and make crystal jewellery. As I was making some pieces, I had a bit of an 'a-ha' moment. Crystals are beautiful in their own right and shouldn't we be proud of tapping into our spiritual side? I make a range of jewellery so you can show off your crystals, but my signature items are my crystal bundles. I curate bundles of crystals that can support with lots of aspects of self-care. It could be to support challenges such as anxiety or migraine or to enhance other self-care practices such as journaling or yoga. Learn from me: Email me: Or use icons to follow me on social media or visit my shop

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