Self-Esteem: 3 Powerful Ways to Boost It (From the Experts)

Self-esteem is something we all desire more of at some time in our life. Yet, what exactly is it and how can we take it up a notch?

Much like taste in music, self-esteem is very subjective. It begins to be formed from a very young age and is based upon your ability to accept yourself, warts, and all!

This self-assessment on how you perceive and value yourself influences how you think, feel, and behave in the world. It has a major impact on how kind you are towards yourself, the decisions you make and how appreciative you are of your qualities. Naturally, this effects all areas of your life including relationships, career, and health etc.

Despite someone being able to see how absolutely amazing you are and grateful for you. If you have low-self-esteem you’re going to have a hard time seeing what they see, and in some cases, even believing it.

Low self-esteem can reap havoc in your life, if not addressed. Listed below are just some matters that can show their ugly head when we are experiencing low self-esteem.

  • Dislike yourself
  • Low tolerance levels
  • People pleasing
  • Self-critical  
  • Feel like you or what you do is never good enough
  • Home in on your weaknesses and not strengths
  • Have difficulty saying NO to people
  • Find it hard to ask for help
  • Second guess yourself
  • Doubt your capabilities and ability to succeed
  • Compare yourself to others
  • Regularly experience negative emotions such as worthlessness, anxiety, guilt, depression etc
  • Feel like the world is an unsafe place

Healthy Self-Esteem – Yes Please!

The great news is that low self-esteem is not fixed, it’s changeable.

When we have a healthy self-esteem, we generally tend to feel happier and more positive about ourselves and life in general. The higher our self-esteem the better we are at:-

  • Loving ourselves and others
  • Being open, honest and vulnerable
  • Communicating our needs
  • Feeling and communicating our emotions
  • Making decisions
  • Accepting our failures  
  • Handling stress and pressure
  • Expressing and asserting ourselves
  • Cultivating happier and healthier relationships
  • Living life fearlessly

Let’s be honest if you are absent of anything on the above short list, it’s worth boosting your self-esteem for. Plus, the good news is there are numerous ways to reap the benefit of building self-esteem.

Wellness experts and practitioners, Debbie Sutherland, Felicity Pryke, and Maria Paholik share three powerful and practical ways (non-clinical) to increase your sense of self-esteem below.

1. Aroma to lift improve Self-Esteem

Introducing Debbie Sutherland, a Reiki practitioner, Aromatherapist & Mindful Living Guide at Her Healing Hub. She beautifully sheds light on the power of Aroma to boost self-esteem.

Debbie Sutherland, sharing how Aroma can help improve Self-Esteem

Did you know that the only part of the nervous system with direct access to the outside world is your olfactory nerve? This nerve carries information about what you can smell to your brain. The olfactory nerve is linked to your limbic brain which is responsible for memories and emotions. So, using aroma to create and reinforce empowering thoughts and visualisation is my favourite way to boost my self-esteem.

I don’t like public speaking and when I do it, my self-talk can spiral me into a state of anxiety. My confidence takes a dive and I want to back out. My tool to get me through this is aromatic anchoring.

Aromatic anchoring uses aroma (I use essential oils) as you create a vision in your mind of your desired state. I inhale wild orange oil (an uplifting and joyous aroma) as I visualise myself standing tall, calm, and centred, my voice carrying confidently across the room and my words being received with love.

I envision this with great detail as I anchor into the vision with the smell of wild orange. Then, when the time comes to take my place on stage, I inhale that wild orange again and anchor back into my vision. The limbic brain remembers the aroma and links it to my vision and my confidence soars.

2. Cultivate Self-Compassion

Over to Felicity Pryke, a Satisfaction Coach, Yoga Teacher & Reflexologist at Finding Felicity. In a bid to help you foster more esteem Felicity kindly shares insight on the compelling concept of self-compassion!

I am a satisfaction coach, empowering people to live a happier, healthier, more satisfied life they don’t need to escape from.

My personal philosophy revolves around four elements of satisfaction. Find Your Self is where we reflect on our identity and take care of the self.

Self-care is not about luxuries and indulgences. It’s the things we do regularly to build our resilience for when difficult things happen.

I prefer to consider self-compassion rather than self-esteem. There are two parts to self-compassion. Yin self-compassion is soothing, comforting and allows us to validate our feelings. Yang self-compassion is motivating and protecting, providing us with the ability to change our situation.

Two simple techniques for each side of the self-compassion coin are:

  • Yin. Give yourself an actual hug. Place your hands on your body wherever it feels nurturing and soothing.

  • Yang. Talk to yourself in the third person. Use your name. Say it out loud. “Come on Felicity.” I promise it works!

3. Mirror Work to Boost Self-Esteem

Finally, here’s Maria Paholik, a Heal Your Life Workshop Leader (based on the philosophy of Louise Hay) from Maria Paholik. Maria kindly enlightens us to how mirror work is a powerful tool to raise self-esteem.

Image of Maria paholik kindly talking about self-esteem.

One of the wonderful ways of increasing your self-esteem is called ‘mirror work’. This process needs YOU and a mirror. You look at yourself in the mirror and say positive things to yourself.

You can start off with ‘I accept you and approve of you just the way you are’. It may seem silly at first or even uncomfortable. Then you can say ‘I am willing to accept and approve of you just the way you are’.

Mirror work helps to fall in love with the most important person in the World – YOU It helps to establish a wonderful, loving relationship with yourself.

Through mirror work, you can give yourself the acceptance and approval, that you would normally want from others. It helps you to find the power within you to achieve joy, success, love, prosperity, and other things that you wish for.

BE PLAYFUL! When you are passing a mirror or seeing your reflection, you can wink at yourself, blow yourself a kiss or just give yourself a beautiful smile. Let the mirror become your friend instead of an enemy. Become your best friend, compliment yourself each time you see yourself and see the changes take place.

Take Home Message

If you’re experiencing low self-esteem at the moment know that this can be improved. Healthy self-esteem is something we all have the ability to have and maintain. Be sure to take advantage of the three powerful strategies set out above by the wellness experts or reach out for other fabulous ways.

If you need further help exploring other ways to manage self-esteem, check our wellbeing platform for other useful solutions from a host of wellness practitioners over at Wellbeing Umbrella.

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