Relax: The Benefits of Holiday Staycations

Following and during the Pandemic we had to accept a holiday within our home counties.

My husband and I found, when we stayed in the next Town of Eastbourne, that it was still a change of scene and the excuse to relax and chill. We enjoyed it so much we returned for a second time.

A seaside town we thought we knew well, had many hidden gems and places to discover.

With the escalating cost of living not many homes can fail to see an increase in the out-goings from their income, on day to day living expenses. Far higher than we have been used to.

Holiday Criteria

Holidays have to be carefully thought out and costed to ascertain whether your budget can cover it.

So maybe again we have to look around us and consider the benefits of staying local or at least within the British Isles.  We need to not see this as a hardship, but more the opportunity to discover what’s on our doorstep.

My husband and I visited the Martello Tower Museum here in Seaford recently. It’s only some 10 min walk from our home. We had both been before but not for a fair few years. We surprised ourselves how much of a wealth of our history lies beneath the Tower on the edge of the beach.

So as the onset of hopefully warmer, sunnier days are on the horizon, maybe we can learn to be content with holidays in this country.

Holiday Doorsteps

Woman on holiday sat on cliff looking out to the sea

I believe I am blessed and so lucky to live so close to the beach. I find so much solace and comfort in the vastness of the sea. It makes my small persona sink into insignificance and the constant tides which come and go, an ever-changing scene.

So, what do you consider a holiday is for? Is it still a holiday if it is spent on home territory?

Does it need to mean airports and travelling long distances? Going in search of warmth and the sun. 

A holiday should mainly be taken as a change of scene. A break from your normal routine giving you time to do the things your normal routine struggles to find time to include.

So maybe as an all-round gift to our planet and our purses we should think again and take a look at what is out there yet to be discovered on our doorstep. 

Sunday – A Day of Rest

As I write this in my garden on a sunny Sunday afternoon. I look back on my day and feel satisfied that I have made the best use of the day in the week that is considered to be a day of rest.

I shared a breakfast with some dear friends, walked my Border Collie up the river Ouse in Lewes afterwards. Returned home, donned my dry robe and walked across to the beach and had a lovely afternoon swim in the sea. 

Tea and hot cross toasted bun, siesta and now writing this blog in the sun in my back garden with the sound of the birds in the background. Bliss.

Holiday – Downtime

So, our well-being and the need to plan regular holidays and breaks still definitely should be on our ‘to do list’. But before you start scanning the internet or looking at the glossy adverts designed to draw us in to commit our time and money. May I suggest, and hope I have stirred a thought in you, to maybe think again and looking closer to home. A holiday should not be a time that you enjoy at the time but need the rest of the year to pay the cost off.

Life is made richer from experiences, not miles.

Time with friends, families, and even ‘alone time’ can make memories cherished for ever.

Staycation Conclusions

So happy Holiday hunting and from the words from the song ‘We’re all going on a Summer Holiday – doing things we always wanted to. Fun and Laughter on our Summer Holiday, to make our dreams come true, just me and you.

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