Put a Spring in Your Step

Spring is a time of renewal and growth.

As we go forward once more into the promising season of Spring, it’s the perfect time to spring clean your current wellbeing routine. New Year resolutions are long gone, yet with the longer daylight hours there is still hope on the horizon.

The arrival of Spring provides a fresh opportunity to refocus and recommit to your wellness goals. There can be no better time to take a look at your wellness routine particularly with regards to your diet and exercise choices.

Your dietary and fitness options are many. A healthy and balanced diet is naturally essential for maintaining good health, boosting your energy levels and promoting overall wellbeing.  At the very least, you could take a closer look at your eating habits and consider making changes such as adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet. Reducing your intake of processed foods and limiting your consumption of sugary drinks and snacks is another idea. Even small changes to your daily routine, such as opting for a walk instead of driving or taking public transportation, can have a positive impact on your health.

Spring Wellness

Once we enter adulthood, it is down to us to take care of our body and mind. It is our responsibility to make healthy choices and maintain a healthy lifestyle, as no one else can do it for us. Following a good diet offset against regular exercise will help you on your way this Spring.

My occupation as a Wellbeing Therapist is to encourage ladies like yourselves to take note of when your energy levels are dipping and you are running on empty. Engaging in regular Wellbeing Treatments are among the best ways of recharging our batteries. Treatments this spring could include a range of activities such as massages, meditation, and mindfulness practices that can help reduce stress and promote relaxation.

Our emotional state, or mood, is an essential aspect of our overall health and wellbeing. A calm mind is far healthier than a stressed out or depressed one, as naturally stress and negative emotions can have a detrimental impact on our physical and mental health.

We have to learn the skills of resilience if we are going to be able to better handle the difficulties of life without becoming overwhelmed or taking on too much emotional burden.

So much of our world now revolves around the internet and sociable interactions are reduced to Zoom calls. Very useful, but there is nothing like actually being in the same room as the person or persons you wish to speak with.

So important too is a social circle you can meet up with regularly and share and exchange ideas with. Maybe with a craft skill in common you can share.

Zentagling this spring time, drawing of bird being coloured in


I love to run my Zentangle events which bring people together to discover that we all have some artistic ability in us, we just need to have it coaxed out.

If you’ve not heard of Zentangle before it is a form of meditative drawing that does not require any artistic skill, and anyone (including you) can learn to do it.  Zentangle effectively helps to reduce stress and anxiety, increase mindfulness and focus and promote relaxation and creativity. You can learn more about Zentangling over at Serenity Cabin.

My next Zentangle event this spring is on the 1st May in East Sussex with the details and booking details on Eventbrite.

The art of Zentangling is designed to be taken around with you wherever you go to fill time in a relaxing way – I would love to see you there.

So dust off those diaries and get some lovely dates for you to look forward to as you put a Spring in your Step.

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About Angela Winbolt - Serenity Cabin

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Angela Winbolt here. I am a Wellbeing Therapist and I offer 3 treatments in my cabin in my garden here in Seaford - East Sussex.
I went back to college at 50 and took a Beauty Therapy course. I started to offer the full range of treatments, but very shortly realised my passion and my skill was in any treatment that involved massage.
So I kept the facials and took courses in Indian Head Massage and Thai Foot Massage, so I could offer these 3 treatments to aid de-stressing and experience the full relaxation repose.
I have built a steady client base. During the Pandemic and Lockdown I recorded some on-line self massage and relaxation videos to help my clients fill the gap whilst my cabin had to remain closed.
On discovering The Wellbeing Umbrella I have also thought that I could make some of these available through the store so I can reach people outside my caption area.
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