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Hello I’m Andrea and I’m a shiatsu and chinese medicine practitioner but since failing miserably with my own perimenopause 8 years ago I turned it around completely and now help 100s of women do the same too, and I set up Cotswold Menopause. 

Using the principles of Chinese medicine helps to group symptoms and explain the underlying imbalances in your body, from this I can address and rebalance them, I use a lot of nutritional supplements to help you feel relief in as little as 28 days if not sooner!

I’ve also written a book ‘Understanding Your Menopause: Tried and tested practical , natural solutions to alleviate your symptoms effectively – Available on Amazon or download at my website

I also offer one to one consultations and have an extensive self help area with affordable programmes and guides.  

I’m also passionate about talking in the workplace, reaching larger groups of women to explain what’s really going on, how you can relieve your symptoms naturally and how you can stop them from happening!

All information is available at my website:

Coming soon: co-collaboration on a new book featuring a wealth of information on how to resolve menopause symptoms, physical and emotional as well as life situations in a fantastic new book:

The Arrgh to Zen of Menopause – overseen by the Perigodmother Emily Barclay – available on Amazon from October 2nd 2023!

Hello I’m Andrea and I set up Cotswold Menopause as a banner to hold all my bespoke menopause work. I’m a shiatsu and chinese medicine practitioner but since failing miserably with my own perimenopause 8 years ago I turned it around completely and now help 100s of women do the same too!

I didn’t realise all my symptoms came under the menopause banner (actually periemenopause!) and I couldn’t understand how this was menopause as I’d never had a hot flush.

I took to my chinese medicine books and researched, and tested and researched more and now I can help women like you effectively resolve your symptoms.

It doesn’t take long either! Not once you understand about depletion, that many of your symptoms are because you’re missing vital nutrients. Depletion means you’re missing something and as you head into the perimenopause your body is under a lot of stress and this leads to loss of nutrition, and then symptoms like anxiety, fatigue, brain fog and insomnia take hold.

You can turn this around – I’ve created specific products to help you, but if you’re not quite ready then why not start with my free new book as a download  – a book to inspire you to make change! It also contains my 6 top tips to have the best menopause and discounts too.

Let me take the mystery out of it all for you. I’ve spent over 6 years researching and testing and now I successfully help women just like you!

If you’d like to read the book online, it’s here:


​A guide to a relieving 6 principle symptoms  with a healthy approach to a natural menopause. This is the start of your amazing menopause transformation, push your symptoms out so that you can live your best life!

About andrea marsh

Andrea is experienced at helping women alleviate their peri/menopausal symptoms naturally with nutrition, supplements and lifestyle solutions all seen through the eyes of Chinese medicine. A shiatsu practitioner of 20 years she understands how your symptoms links to your body’s energetic imbalances. When Andrea found out she was perimenopausal she was relieved; it meant she wasn’t depressed! As a lifelong problem solver she set about working out how you can have a great menopause!

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