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Love Blogging? Would You Like to Contribute?

‘Wellbeing’ is a one heck of a massive subject!

Over 5000+ of our busy, and sometimes overstretched wellbeing audience are always eager to absorb content to help them become more aware, feel inspired and take positive action with their health and wellness.

They often head to our articles to be pointed in the right direction, and this is exactly where your guest contribution comes in!

So, what are we looking for?

If you’re interested in passionately sharing your wellness story or expertise in a written blog post or video, we’ll be keen to collaborate with you!

Whether it’s an article sharing inspiration through your own wellness story or exploring beneficial ways to manage anxiety, pain, or insomnia.  Our guest blog opportunities aim to increase awareness around the many health and wellness topics our community are needing support with.

Here’s some of our current wellness categories we love to share about, but don’t let it limit you on ideas! As raising awareness around the vast array of wellness topics and treatments is our thing!

Raising awareness of wellbeing topics

Ways to help people improve their wellbeing. e.g., How to bring calm back into your life or 7 things about menopause a 40+ woman needs to know!

Wellbeing solutions/ strategies

Tips, techniques, treatments or solutions that can help people overcome or manage a wellness problem or challenge

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Inspirational stories

Personal stories of how you managed or overcame a wellness challenge or setback.

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Our Editorial Calendar

We are open to all wellness topics. Although precedence is given to guest posts that complement our upcoming wellness events, as they aid awareness on that given topic.

We announce our upcoming guest blog topics and schedule in our newsletter, so be be sure to subscribe HERE for updates. Plus, the info in the newsletter will give you a sense of what we are looking for and style of writing.

Have We Sparked Your Interest?

Fabulous! Read on to find out how guest blogging can benefit you . . .

  • You’ll get a fantastic opportunity to gain exposure for your wisdom with a new, ever-growing wellbeing seeking audience
  • Gain full credit for your post/content via your author bio – which we hope you’ll big yourself up on!
    • Please note: Guest collaboration posts (e.g., more than one guest contributor within a blog post) gain full credit for their content via your name, business name and title.
  • Get a backlink to your own chosen website or social media account – so that people can learn more about you should they wish!
  • You’ll get extra publicity via the sharing we do of your post via social media and if it makes it our newsletter or event emails too!
  • For those interested in regular contribution – there is also the opportunity of payment for future projects

Blog Requirements To Be Published…

  • Be original – your blog post must be 100% unique and original to Wellbeing Umbrella. If it has been published elsewhere on the internet, including your own website, it is not original. Why we hear you say? – Because google doesn’t like duplication!  (We take this seriously and verify all content prior to publication and continue to monitor)
  • Give Value – make sure your post is informative and/or enlightening to our community. Where appropriate include practical tips, strategies, techniques or case studies – they love it!
  • Think friendly – as much as our community believes backing up what you say with evidence is important, they really don’t care for clinical or academic type approach. So where possible make sure your post is friendly, upbeat, easy to read/listen and relative to our community.
  • Our community are overstretched and busy people – so please, please, please where you can make life easier for them by;
    • Being quick, simple and to the pointUsing short sentences and paragraphs (4-5 sentence length is fine)Adding bullet points or numbers to list information where you can
    • Utilising subheadings and putting your post into easy readable sections to help our community easily digest what you have to share
    • If your post is a video – make sure it’s around five minutes (ten minutes at the most), any more is a big commitment!
  • No less than – 600 words in length is great for our community

And, Finally . . .

  • ‘Trust’ – is a big thing in our community – to help make sure the information given is reliable we ask any content that contain quotes, studies, facts or stats to include a source and where appropriate a URL link. This is so our community is safe in the knowledge that the information is valid.
  • Put us in the picture – We will handle the images. However, where appropriate be sure to send fabulous high resolution photo’s (i.e. of a healthy recipe, work out, technique etc.). Please make sure you have copyright permission.
  • Shout from the rooftops – include a short author bio and headshot style image at the end of your post (120 words or less) along with one URL link of your choice e.g. lead magnet/website. Plus don’t forget your social media handle addresses.
  • No promotion – make sure your post steers clear of self-promotion or product pitching – keep this to your author bio!
  • Check, check and check again – before you submit your post please make sure it is free from spelling and grammar errors. Minor changes may be made where needed for quality and clarity; this is not meant to offend but rather to improve the experience for our community

Think you’re ready to submit a Guest Blog?

Wonderful news – we can’t wait to hear from you!

You can either send over your ideas or attach the finished post/samples of your work to get started. For video’s we suggest you send to us via a virtual storage drive such as dropbox, wee transfer or pCloud!

To submit or for more information email us at: hello [at] wellbeingumbrella.com

Heads Up Before Submitting

  • Double check – Make sure your post pass all of the requirements above.
  • Do us a favour – Put the title of your piece in the subject line and make sure the full text is either in the body of the email or attached via a word document.
  • Give us time – We read each post we receive to ensure all submissions meet above requirements. We aim to respond to you by email within 14 days.
  • Please note – By submitting to Wellbeing Umbrella you acknowledge that you accept our Guest Contribution terms/requirements and any form of editing our editorial team deems appropriate.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Want To Be Kept Updated About Collaborations?

We regularly put out guest blog requests to our email subscribers. Please register your details if you’d like to be kept up-to-date about guest blogging opportunities.

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