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Lucy Woods – is a qualified Mindfulness Expert with a busy practice for individual, group and corporate clients. Lucy was the L&D Manager in the HR department of two of the UK’s largest newspaper and magazine publishers for 20 years which gave her a real insight into the stress people experience at work and at home and the lack of available support. Having always looked for a “fix” to her own low-level anxiety, finding a Mindfulness course had changed her life, and so after redundancy it seemed fated that she should combine her training skills with her passion for the transformational effects of Mindfulness. Lucy has a bi-weekly podcast “It’s not that deep” and her qualifications include a Masters in Teaching Mindfulness from Bangor University’s Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice.

Mindfulness – The Key to Less Stress

Mindfulness is the key to less stress. Let me start by explaining what I mean by stress. I use it... Read More...
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