Free video: Power through Perimenopause and beyond!

Important things to know to take back control! 

There are lots of changes going on in our 40’s & 50’s, some of which may make us question, ‘what on earth is happening to me?!’

This video provides an introduction to the topics that are covered in my ‘Power through Perimenopause and beyond’ programme. It provides an overview of the important things to know at this time of life including:

  • What are hormones?
  • So what’s going on in perimenopause?
  • Am I in perimenopause?
  • What influences hormones?

There is also a questionnaire for you to complete which covers symptoms which may give you some indication as to what is currently going on (please note – this is not diagnostic and you should see your GP for further information).

You will be sent a link to my video and questionnaire on signing up.

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