Free Seed Cycling Guide to support with natural hormone balance


A simple guide to balancing your hormones naturally with seeds!

Seed cycling is a simple and natural way to support your hormonal health without any stress and minimal effort! If you’re intrigued by the idea of boosting your health with just a handful of seeds, I’ve got a free guide for you!

Sometimes, a complete diet overhaul isn’t available to you and seed cycling is a small, effortless change that could give you a nutrient boost.


It’s an easy step towards better female health at any age.


You can take it up a notch with some of the serving suggestions, but honestly, you can enjoy these seeds with a spoon straight from the jar. It’s a small, but potentially transformative habit that can effortlessly become a part of your routine.

You’ll know exactly which seeds to enjoy during each stage of the month. No overwhelm or complex meal plans.


About Jasmine Stevens Wong

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach, teacher, trainer and course creator.

My mission is to help people fulfil their potential - in their health, wellbeing and happiness!

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