FREE: Beneficial Ways To Naturally Manage Menopause and Perimenopause


Pre-Recorded Event: Ready to learn natural remedies and positive lifestyle changes to alleviate and manage common menopause symptoms?

As women, every one of us experience menopause differently. Yet there are some predictable menopausal symptoms we’d all agree on.

Hot flushes, night sweats, migraines and mood swings are just some of the challenging symptoms us women have to cope with as we move into a different cycle of life.

That said don’t feel hopeless; we’re here to show how menopause doesn’t have to be miserable and that there are many natural ways to manage it.

Here at Wellbeing Umbrella, we believe everyone is unique and what might suit one person doesn’t suit all when it comes to wellbeing solutions or treatments!

That’s why we run regular Wellness Events like these to help offer you insight into the variety of treatments, practices, techniques and solutions (both conventional and non-conventional) available, helping you to get your wellbeing back on track and make positive change in your life where desired.


Please note: this is a pre-recorded event.

Let’s take you on an online journey, including Acupressure, EFT, Essential oils, and Naturopath in a bid to help you embrace your changing hormones and improve symptoms of menopause.

Whether you are looking for effective and natural support around menopause or peri-menopause, our pre-recorded no one-size-fits all wellbeing event features nine down to earth, independent wellbeing professionals sharing their expertise and practice on the topic of how to manage menopause and perimenopause.

The bonus is, these qualified wellness folk understand where you are at and where you’d like to be, as they were once there too and now have the skills, expertise and credentials to help you get there also.

Watch all the event or just the session(s) that pique your interest!

We hope you enjoy!


The Pre-Recorded event is online and each session is approx. 30mins, here’s what you’ve got to look forward to.

1st – Kate Munden – Emotional Freedom Techniques. Easy To Learn Anxiety Relief For Perimenopause At Your Fingertips!

When Kate entered perimenopause she was hijacked by social anxiety for the first time in her life. Suddenly talking to people at parties was anxious agony. It was awful.

Perhaps you find yourself plunged back to an old negative place and can’t seem to get out?

If you are troubled by negative emotional patterns that just don’t get better – or perhaps made even worse in peri-menopause, EFT can REALLY help. Emotional Freedom Techniques or ‘EFT tapping’ help us calm the hijack of anxiety. It is a safe, simple, easy to learn intervention that guides us back to our strong and healthy true self.

2nd – Kerry Dolan – Beating Hot Flushes and Night Sweats

A growing body of evidence supports the use of hypnosis as an effective treatment for menopausal symptoms. A controlled, randomised study published online in Menopause, The Journal Of The North American Menopause Society, indicates that hypnosis can help reduce hot flashes by as much as 74%. In this brief workshop, Kerry will share with you some of her best tips and techniques to help achieve this!

3rd – Norah Coyne – Honouring Perimenopause As Part Of Our Sacred Rite of Passage as Women! Nurturing The Journey!

Going through Perimenopause can be a very turbulent time for women! In this Workshop, as we travel this journey which is part of our sacred rite of passage as a woman, towards the next cycle of our life, Norah will discuss perimenopause and introduce you to essential oils to help aid your transition.

4th – Maureen Wycherley – The Contribution Of Access Bars And Body Processes To Perimenopause

Explore how Access Body Processes is a new unique way to communicate with your body, to nurture your body and teach it how to release the stories that are keeping you buying this reality’s view of what should and should not be happening as your body changes.

Learn how the combination of treatments and tools will set you free, so you and your body can navigate the perimenopause stage of your life with ease.

5th – Sara Southgate – Orgasms and Nutrition for Your Perimenopausal Health

Educating women about the natural solutions to perimenopause and beyond, using food, lifestyle techniques (this includes orgasms!) for those who cannot safely take, or do not want to take HRT, and for those for whom HRT has not solved their symptoms.

6th – Andrea Howard – How Does Stuck Energy In Your Body Affect Your Menopause?

Andrea will share her wisdom on how energy can get stuck in the body and become a contributing factor to your menopausal symptoms. Discover what the energy systems are within your body and how to get more flow to them to help regain inner balance.

7th – Sheila Balgobin – Menopause: Natural Solutions for a Natural Process

In this talk, Sheila will share various simple and natural solutions that can be used to ease post-menopausal issues including mental fitness, vibrational essences, herbs, mudras (hand yoga) and Crystals.

8th – Julie Shawcross – How To Use Yoga Practice To Address Menopause/Post Menopause Symptoms

Each woman’s menopause is like a fingerprint—unique and personal. In this talk, Julie will explain the philosophy, of the ashramas, or four stages of life, which sees us moving away from a more active (rajasic) time of life toward a more contemplative (sattvic) one.

Whilst recognising the physical challenges faced during menopause, Julie will give a valuable insight into the ways in which yoga practice has helped her and can help you navigate the myriad of menopause symptoms. Sharing some of her favourite practices including sitali pranayama or cooling breath perfect for managing hot flashes.

9th – Chantal Nogbou – Healing At Your Finger Tips: Supporting Your Wise Woman Phase

Sharing her knowledge and experience gained over almost 9 years as an acupuncturist, Chantal will share how acupressure can be the perfect tool to help relieve Menopausal symptoms, by using your own finger tips!


  • 18’s and over
  • Disclaimer: The information shared during the event will be provided for general educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. Please consult a qualified health care professional to diagnose your health condition and prevent self-diagnosis. We do not dispense medical advice or prescribe or diagnose illness.
  • The link will take you straight to the event
    playlist where you can watch the whole event or the individual talk(s) you
    desire. Enjoy💕

About Ursula Wood

We're Alexis & Ursula, two wellbeing devotees who believe in freedom of choice and that no one-size fits all when it comes to wellbeing. We support people-centred professionals to work together to increase the awareness of the varied wellbeing treatments & solutions on offer, whilst raising funds for those less able to access them. We believe the more we come together to connect and support each other, the more people we’re able to reach and enhance the wellbeing of collectively.

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