Feel better, relieve symptoms in 28 days – video series


Feel better, relieve symptoms in 28 days. Is that really possible in your peri/menopause? Yes it is, my clients have been through this programme and can vouch for it. Read more…


Learn how to relieve your major symptoms like anxiety , hot flushes and night sweats

Brain fog in menopause is debilitating – resolve it now

Get your sleep and energy back too

You really can get your physical and emotional peri and menopause symptoms under control and your peace of mind back in a matter of weeks . With Feel Better in 28 days – Video series I am to help empower you to have the menopause that you truly want, a positive, happy and healthy experience.

​It is completely within your power to resolve your symptoms effectively and quickly, the knowledge, the understanding of how your mind and body is working and the knowledge of the right supplements for the right symptoms. Now all this information is in ONE PLACE. 

​Relax at home, watch these easy-to-follow videos that step you through alleviating different symptoms and strengthening your health, so that you feel better in the weeks, months and years to come.

“Straight away , the night sweats, it was like a miracle. I feel more able to cope as I used to, I can talk to my husband again; that’s the best thing for me”                                                                     Joanne,46

Read the full description of what you can get in 28 days – The video series here!

This is a 5 part video programme. On purchasing you’ll receive the main link to access the whole programme plus your copy of Eating for the Perimenopause and beyond ebook.

About andrea marsh

Andrea is experienced at helping women alleviate their peri/menopausal symptoms naturally with nutrition, supplements and lifestyle solutions all seen through the eyes of Chinese medicine. A shiatsu practitioner of 20 years she understands how your symptoms links to your body’s energetic imbalances. When Andrea found out she was perimenopausal she was relieved; it meant she wasn’t depressed! As a lifelong problem solver she set about working out how you can have a great menopause!

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