A Birthstone With Bundles Of Energy For Aries

The personality of an Aries born individual is said to have the potential of transpiring into a captivating leader with bundles of energy.  You can see how this nicely fits in with the Diamond being one of their birthstones.

Who could dispute that the diamond is one of the leaders in the crystal world with bundles of energy.

Celebrated as the “king of crystals” it is one that needs no recharging and is believed to hold itself in the perfect expression of balance.   The Diamond energy connects to your heart and reminds you of the innocent love that resides within.  It brings forth an expansion of openheartedness whilst clearing away facets of our nature that are not of love and compassion.

Utilising the energy of a diamond will provide you with encouragement and endurance to follow your spiritual path, connecting you to a higher knowledge it will assist in removing any sense of vagueness or mystification on that journey.


Ruling Planet: ~ Mars
Element: ~ Fire
Best / Lucky day of the week: ~ Tuesday
Colour: ~Red
Most compatible with: ~ Leo
Lucky Numbers: ~ 9 & 6
Famous Arian: ~ Aretha Franklin

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Lorraine Gregoire an Energy Healing practitioner at Wisdom of Wellbeing who nurtures your wellbeing through Reiki, Crystal Healing and Light Language.  Enabling you to tip the scales of balance more in your favour, so you feel like yourself again.

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