Reiki is an ancient healing art, rediscovered in the 19th century in Japan, by a Christian monk, Master Mikao Usui.

The meaning of the Japanese word Reiki is Universal Life Energy. This energy is channeled down into the head and through the hands of a practitioner, into the body of a receiver, in a powerful and concentrated form.

Reiki belongs to anyone, because it is a universal, God-given power.

Anyone can easily learn it, including children. No special knowledge is needed, the only thing is needed to attend an initiation with a Reiki Master.

In fact, the universal life energy flows through all of us from birth, but as we go through life this flow becomes less pure and free.

Reiki heals to the point of our Karma. Therefore, any physical, emotional or mental problems that you have chosen for this life, Reiki won’t change. But it might be, that at the right time, there will be an Essenian Healing possible for you to receive, that will address some of the karma pieces that cause you suffering or distress.

Because we are going through a global transformation of energy and consciousness on Earth from the 3rd dimensional to the 5th dimensional Energy, the negative feelings and experiences become more perceivable in our daily life. They are brought to our awareness, as opportunities, to do something about them if we choose to.

The Reiki we give is from Ryoho, it is the original Reiki, and there are many other practitioners who also perform the original Reiki method of Master Mikao Usui in the correct way. Traditional Reiki, in the form it was passed on by Master Mikao Usui with correct initiations, not only works on the physical, mental and emotional problems, touching our mind, body and heart, but it goes much deeper – into the consciousness.

In the Usui System of Reiki, the healing energy spontaneously and effortlessly flows through the touch of hands into a receiver. The strength of the energy depends on the receiver’s needs.

The healer works as a channel only, therefore only the universal life energy is being transmitted, not the personal energy of the healer.

Reiki is a wonderful, non-invasive complementary therapy that supports conventional medicine or can be used alone but it is not a replacement for traditional medication or treatments.

In Reiki the healer holds the loving, caring, healing intention throughout the session, whilst gently placing their hands on the client, while they are lying comfortably on a massage table, fully dressed.

Reiki is easily adapted to most medical conditions and is safe for children, pregnant women, surgical patients, the frail and the elderly. It works effectively alongside conventional healthcare and natural remedies, supporting recovery, bringing emotional balance, mental clarity and deep relaxation – a sense of peace, strength and lightness.

Reiki encourages self-healing, strengthens the body and soul, detoxifies the body, opens blocks, rebuilds harmony, helps with sleep, reduces stress and anxiety, reduces and helps with pain, helps spiritual growth, brings understanding and awareness.

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