Journey to Self-Love 5-week self-paced course with 1-hour coaching


A self-paced 5-week course with one hour coaching, once you have finished your course.

Week 1: Deservability

Week 2: Love and Relationships

Week 3: Prosperity

Week 4: Loving your body

Week 5: Honouring Boundaries

This Online Course is designed to give you an incredible experience of deepening your inner journey.

Through this course, you will get to use carefully crafted reflection exercises, videos, meditations, visualisations, and affirmations that will help you uncover past layers of conditioning, identify limiting beliefs, and release behaviours caused by lack of self-love.

This experience is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

This powerful tool allows you to acknowledge your true power, in achieving the love, the prosperity, and the relationships you’ve been longing for.

Even though you may have worked with these issues before, there is always more to uncover and release, allowing you to welcome more good on every level into your life!

Once you sign up, you’ll get your login info within 48 hours by email, and you’ll have 6 months to take your time with the course.

You may be wondering, ‘Why only 6 months?’
The answer is simple: self-love is a pressing matter!
We want to encourage you to commit to yourself and start implementing what you learn in the course right away.
The answers will be emailed to you, so you can even print
them out and keep them as a reminder to love yourself daily.

Week 1

This section will include:

Do you feel deserving enough?

•Exploring patterns & limiting beliefs around Deservability

•Deservability Meditation by Dr. Patricia Crane

•Decide what you want

•Identify Your current Deservability level

•Create powerful affirmations

Week 2
Love & Relationships

This section will include:

Do you relate out of love or fear?

•Discovering Patterns on Love & Relationships

•Explore judgements ‘Us v/s Them’

•Releasing Emotions

•Louise Hay Video On Love

•Growing love- affirmations to loving relationships

Week 3

This section will include:

Do you have a scarcity or an abundant mindset ?

•Exploring patterns & experiences of prosperity

•Louise Hay Video on Prosperity

•Do You engage in ‘scarcity’ thinking or have an ‘abundance’ mindset? 

•Creating powerful prosperity affirmations

•Creating possibilities – A Treasure Map

Week 4
Loving your body

This  section will include:

Do you believe you deserve good health?

•Powerful Healing Light Meditation by Rick Nichols

•Exploring family patterns of dis-ease

•Releasing Limiting thoughts on health

•Louise Hay on Mind Body Connection

•Mind-Body Visualization- Listening to your body’s messages

•Affirmations to great health

Week 5
Honouring Boundaries

This  section will include:

Do you have trouble saying No?

•Do You Have Healthy Boundaries? – A Quick Quiz

•Discovering Boundaries

•What We Say Yes To – What We Say No To defines our life

•Visualisation & Affirmations For Healthy Boundaries

As it suggests, a ‘journey’ is an ongoing process of traveling from a current location to a new destination.
In this case, we are offering a guided tour to self-discovery, including a deeper awareness of who you are, what you’ve got, and how to through open the doors of your heart, step confidently into your world, and let your voice be heard.
To put it another way, this is a pathway to personal freedom!

To help you take the next step on your transformational journey we have created an online experiential learning system which we call, ‘The Heal Your Life Learning Portal.’

How does the Online Course Help You

Recognize long-standing limiting patterns of thinking & believing 

Achieve deeper levels of self-awareness and self-acceptance

Work on releasing significant blocks to health, prosperity, love, and relationships

Connect with your own power to create the life you truly desire

Take care of yourself on a deeper level, more than you have ever done before.

Once you complete the course, be sure to get in touch to schedule your complimentary coaching session, valued at £80.
I look forward to hearing from you!

If you don’t hear from me within 48 hours of purchase,
please drop me an email at!

About Maria Paholik

I'm a Heal Your Life© Coach and Workshops Leader, passionate about helping people see the beauty within and embrace their uniqueness.

If we all could love ourselves unconditionally, we'd live in a harmonious, fulfilled world, where our differences are celebrated, rather than causing conflict. Living our truth would eliminate the harm we do to others, and we'd be happy to be exactly who we are.

This is my vision - a world of self-love, acceptance, and harmony.

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