Eye pillow scented with Orange essential oil for relaxation , low mood, and to improve memory function 🧡


Organic  pure  Orange oil scented Eye Pillow. 

Please note this is a stock sample fabric photo only . We have hundreds of fabrics in stock for the whole family . Please pop us a message to choose your fabric

Benefits of Sweet Orange essential  Oil

Sweet Orange oil inhaled via the Eye pillow , can help reduce feelings of low mood in mild depression. It is thought to act as a aphrodisiac and can improve memory and concentration .

Our Sweet Orange version Eye pillows are suitable for everyone  aged 4 and over 

How does an Eye Pillow work and how can it help you? 

Our Eye pillows can help you relax naturally  by triggering the body’s Vagus nerve using light acupressure over the Eyes- called the “Oculocardiac reflex” .  

This is turn results in  a gentle decrease in your  heart rate and blood pressure reducing that thumping sense of your pulse in your chest and temples etc .  An eye pillow can also help to calm digestive symptoms of stress too e.g. knot in the stomach , feeling of “butterflies” etc  as the vagus nerve reaches your tummy 
The Eye pillow will  enable  you to calm your mind and body, helping you to sleep better and so  enjoy life more!

How do you use an Eye pillow? 
Lie down or recline your head in a comfy chair and simply place the Eye pillow over your eyes and breathe normally . Don’t worry about trying to relax – the Eye pillow will do that for you. Start  using it for 30 minutes twice a day morning and evening if you can and soon  you should feel the stress reducing effects in a shorter time . 
They can be used warm , chilled , frozen or a room temperature and come with full instructions 

Who  can use them ?
Most of our Eye pillows  are suitable for all ages over 4 unless specified above  and are an ideal gift for any Yoga , Tai Chi , Pilates or meditation lover too. By request we can make smaller child sizes at a reduced price . 
If you have diagnosed low blood pressure or have had recent treatment or surgery to your head please consult your medical practitioner before using an eye pillow 

How are the Eye pillows made  and how do you care for them ? 
All our Eye pillows  have a removable hand washable outer cotton  cover  and an inner unbleached calico liner containing UK organic flaxseed along with pure essential oils and a little organic plant base to help retain the scent for longer. We hand make  make them as they were originally made in the Far East 
All our Eye pillows can be used a room temperature , warmed gently in microwave( 30 seconds)  or on a radiator etc or chilled and frozen ( 30 minutes) to suit . . Keep them between use in the cellophane  bag they come in, to retain the scent of the oil for longer and always keep the inner liner dry. 
To refresh the essential oil scent simply place 3-4 drops of oil on the inner liner, wait for 10 mins , shake and you’re ready to go again! 

Our Eye pillows are approx 8 x4 inches and are a therapeutic weight for relaxation 

About Chrissie Dodd

Hi I’m Chrissie from Bags of Lavender  a retired nurse

We  offer high quality handmade  holistic  items  and lots of choice so if you’re looking for help with Stress, Low  Mood  and Insomnia  symptoms or  chronic Pain, …….we  offer a lovely selection of   a microwavable / freezable Wheat bags , weighted relaxation essentials  oil scented   Eye pillows, Sleep Eye masks , Lavender bags and seasonal gifts ……look no further! Xx

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