Outdoor Activities for Darker Days

Have you noticed how much the evenings are closing in?

We certainly have, and it won’t be long until not only evenings are dark but parts of late afternoon too!

So what does this mean for those of us who prefer to take our physical activities outdoors? Well it’s a period of adjustment, that’s for sure.

For runners and walkers it depends very much on the built environment. If you have well lit streets and a few people milling around, then it’s very possible to keep on with your evening activities. Wear high-vis clothing and wrap up warm for the weather. You may not get a daylight boost, but there are other benefits to getting outside if you can.

In more rural environments it’s best to go out in a group. Running clubs are fairly plentiful, but walking groups less so. If you want to walk in the evening try and buddy up with someone. Again high-vis clothes and also head torches are a good idea if there’s not much street lighting.

Some very hardy groups will run off road in the darkness but make sure you are with an experienced group if you want to try this out, and always stick to a route you’re familiar with.

It might also be time to consider where you can shift activities into the daytime.

For most of us that means lunch times and weekend. A lot of people prefer not to get ‘sweaty’ over lunch but a 20 minute walk is easy to fit in and won’t leave you desperate for a shower.

At the weekend, be selective about what activities you do when. Aim to be outdoors as much as possible in the daytime and save the things that can be done indoors for when it goes dark.

Outdoors activities at the weekend can include walking, cycling, gardening, team sports, taking the kids to the park and more. For more inspiration check out my weekend challenges below.

Darker days don’t have to mean staying indoors for the next 6 months.

With a little flexibility and forward planning there are still opportunities to get out and stay active. Those dark days will certainly feel a little brighter as a result.

Diane x

PS For weekend challenges check out my online support community at https://www.subscribepage.com/awcommunity

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