Losing your self-identity, and finding it again.

Sometimes the world just goes too fast!

Running around doing everything for everybody else, and somewhere in the middle of it, you forget about yourself.

When this happens it’s common to begin to feel disconnected from the world.

And many women, especially after motherhood, begin to notice a loss of self identity.

When you spend all your time putting other people’s needs first. You forget what your own needs are. Feeling disconnected from the world is commonly a symptom of this, but there’s a simple way to reconnect.

There’s a simple, easily accessible, way to begin to feel part of the world again.

To create time and space for yourself to rediscover who you are.

That simple way is Active Wellbeing.

This isn’t just a fitness plan to trim down, or learn how to run 10k. This is a way of life that helps you live a more active lifestyle to improve your wellbeing and satisfaction with life.

You can choose gentle activities, such as yoga, walking, swimming, or you can choose activities that are a little more strenuous, but the important thing is to choose activities you love to do.

Okay, maybe a loving exercise isn’t something familiar to you just yet, but that’s something I can help you with.

Active Wellbeing is a self compassionate and nurturing approach to getting active, and feeling good.

Find out more in my book, ‘The Little Book of Active Wellbeing’, available from my Wellbeing Umbrella store or via Amazon.

About Diane Brown

I’m an exercise psychology coach, helping women who don't like "exercise" to create an active lifestyle they enjoy. My coaching style is both compassionate and empowering, which enables women struggling with exercise motivation to feel more motivated and confident in their abilities. I’m qualified in Wellbeing Life Coaching, Sports & Exercise Psychology and Triathlon Coaching. I also wrote The Little Book of Active Wellbeing. The perfect guide to get you started.

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