How exercise transformed my life

When I was 30 years old I was working as a Commercial Executive at a large multi-national company, and I loved my job. I did lots of training and product launches with sales teams so I got to travel all around Europe, meeting fabulous people and learning about different cultures.


My career was the number one most important thing in my life. Even my poor boyfriend took second place, although he didn’t seem to mind. My intense focus on my career meant we weren’t living in each others pockets, which suited us both fine.

But focusing so intensely on my career meant I was putting something else lower down the list too. Looking after myself.

Whilst on a “holiday of a lifetime” in New Zealand I suffered a slipped disc in my back. I was in absolute agony.

Without going into all the detail I had a very difficult time, including being woken up during sleep from the pain, barely being able to walk, and an eventual feeling of “I’ve broken my body and I’m only 30 years old – I feel like a little old lady”.

Six month later, and whilst improving I was far from ‘recovered’. I was offered a steroid injection. I didn’t so much decline but walked out and never went back. I’d decided to take matters into my own hands.

I had two priorities. Strengthen my body, and reduce my weight. I was very clear that from now on my health had to be my number one priority and work came second.

Making Change

It was a huge mindset shift and meant fundamental lifestyle change. I started working out cautiously at a local gym. Initially just 5 minute at a time on each machine, and always listening to my body.

As my body healed and the pain subsided, the opportunity arose to take part in a triathlon. So I took it!!!

Four years on from my dream holiday in New Zealand I took part and completed Ironman UK !!! Free from pain, stronger than ever, and I’d even been promoted at work. Twice!!

This is why I’m so passionate about about the amazing impact of physical activity. Not just on our bodies but our minds too.

I work with women to help them enjoy the incredible benefits that I have felt in my life. I just want to share the joy it can bring.

If you’d like to find out how I can help you, just drop me a line. Anytime. xx

About Diane Brown

I’m an exercise psychology coach, helping women who don't like "exercise" to create an active lifestyle they enjoy. My coaching style is both compassionate and empowering, which enables women struggling with exercise motivation to feel more motivated and confident in their abilities. I’m qualified in Wellbeing Life Coaching, Sports & Exercise Psychology and Triathlon Coaching. I also wrote The Little Book of Active Wellbeing. The perfect guide to get you started.

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