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Why We Care

Due to Wellbeing Umbrella’s own founding member’s personal difficulties finding wellness solutions, we understand the financial and awareness barriers to finding and receiving wellbeing solutions and treatments, so we are on a mission to help more people access the wellbeing choice and variety they deserve by raising awareness and funding through our collaborative No One-Size-Fits-All events and Pay-it-Forward Wellness Events.  

Who We Work With & How

The two different wellness events we run not only help increase the wellbeing of attendees or employees who attend, but also the wellbeing of women and children of our charity partner(s) who are trying to rise positively through hard times caused by domestic abuse or violence.

Improving mental health, confidence, independence and wellbeing, in a bid to increase their life chance so they are able to experience a better quality of life, Domestic Violence and Abuse charities within the U.K. help hundreds of women and their affected families every year.

Anyone can experience domestic violence regardless of race, ethnic or religious group, class, disability or lifestyle.

Women and children experiencing domestic abuse are 3 times as likely to develop a mental illness. This is why funds for wellness support and resources are vital.

  • Our Pay-It-Forward Wellness events within the U.K, aim to raise money for ‘domestic violence and abuse charities’ within each district we host our events in. Our community of wellbeing professionals contribute towards taking part in the event and 50% of profits go towards one of our charity partners.

How The Money We Raise Together Helps

Here’s some examples of how the money we raise through our Pay-It-Forward wellness events, with your support, can help women and children with their healing journey;

Donation/ Funds raisedHelp to pay for the following type of wellness resources
could provide a woman with a scented eye pillow to help decrease stress hormones, provide comfort, boost mood, increase circulation, relieve pain, and release tense muscles.
2 x wellness activities such as keep fit or wellbeing classes to help women engage in community activities, increase mood, confidence and independence.

1 hour x hands on therapy to help women with trauma take control of their emotions, receive human touch, and feel safe and respected.
2 x Art therapy sessions to help women and children cope with a multitude of mental and emotional disorders, and to aid in the overall healing process.
4 x Talking therapy sessions to support women in the growth of self-confidence, self-awareness, self-acceptance and the ability to trust own judgement.

Please note: the above information is for guide purposes only. Wellbeing Umbrella believe no one-size-fits-all when it comes to wellbeing solutions. Everyone is unique and users of our charity partners are free to choose wellbeing solutions that best suit their needs and preference.

Charity Partner(s)

Registered charity number: 1005884

The fabulous team at Leeds Women’s Aid, support women and children predominantly from the Leeds and Yorkshire and Humber region, but also often work with women from across the UK when safety issues arise.

Our Pay-It-Forward wellness events are raising much needed wellness resources of which users of the services are extremely grateful.

Want to host a FREE workplace wellness event to help raise money or just donate to their charity? Click the links below.

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